Ana Bath SS5450CBN

Ana Bath SS5450CBN Handheld Shower Head Review

Have a perfect tranquilize bath is depending on many small factors that vary for person to person own choice and eagerness. In a word, while some people get relaxed by hand shower and other prefer a head shower. If this both sorts of people live in the same house then the problem begins. But don't worry, since the Ana Bath SS5450CBN makes a solution for those different people with one single device.

Confused! Well, let us clear that Ana bath anti-clog shower faucet offers a user to enjoy both shower head and hand shower when you want both within a single product. In spite of this function, there is a lot of exclusive feature avail, that this particle model has to offer for its user. Scroll down to meet the details.

Ana Bath SS5450CBN

The model of combo shower faucet can’t even image the name of Ana Bath as they are a leader in this category. Consequently, the Ana Bath SS5450CBN carries all those functions which you just dream of for your shower head and hand shower together. Without wasting time keep your eye on the highlighted feature.


The Highlighted Feature at a Glimpse

  • Equipment with 5 different water sprays setting
  • Notable anti-clog nozzle
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Comes with 60 inches flexible nose
  • Easy switching between head to the hand shower
  • Design

    Similar to the innovative framework the design of the shower faucets is another great creation of the manufacturer. It is built with two head among form them one is fixed and another is flexible hand shower. Both of the devices are furnished with elegant brushed nickel that fit any bathroom layout whether it traditional or modern.

    5 function water setting

    Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5 function water setting

    Apart from design both hand and the head shower has five distinctive water sprays function. You can choose them amidst body massage, rain spays, bubbling sprays, rain and bubbling mix. No matter you are using which one you got this facility in every part of the shower you need.

    Including flexible hose

    The section that makes it different than many other shower faucet remain in the market is its 60 inches flexible hose. It allows a user to walk over the bathroom and bath with dance mood without worry of obstacle of hand shower movement. It also has proven helpful if you have a kid and pet in your house and you are always struggling to bath them in right place.

    Water flow rate

    Unlike many others, the water flow rate of the particular shower is again parishes worthy. Although it is offering 2.5 gallons of water per minute which many other shower faucet offer. But it is having technology that saves water rather than other with the same water flow rate. Besides if you are not satisfied with limited water flow you can remove it when you want.

    Size and weight

    In case of an overall size, it appeared in 7.8x6.3x13.1 inches that carry 2.55 pounds weight.


    • Switching between head to hand shower is very easy
    • Need no plumber to install it
    • Inexpensive
    • Save water waste
    • Different color option to choose from


    • Plastic material
    • Water pressure is low

    Final words

    People who are not satisfied with just shower head setting rather also want hand shower option separately the Ana Bath SS5450CBN absolutely suit them. It has such amazing build up that no doubt meet any person expectation. Likewise, the price is not too high so there is no harm to make try it once.

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