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Delta 58467 Two in One Shower Head Review

Delta 58467 Review

During your hesitation between a shower head and hand shower, the only solution is a combo pack. The two in one shower might solve your problem when you can’t decide which one you actually need. Meantime the delta 58467 review is an excellent quick fix for you.

Although numerous brand made two in one shower faucet among from them delta is well deserving. We do a thoughtful research and got few delta models within those Deltas 4-Spray In2ition is a desirable one. To know the full details stay with us.

Delta 4-Spray In2ition 2-in-1 Hand Held Shower Head with Hose, Chrome 58467

Delta 58467 Review

The Delta is a notorious brand that produces highly desirable bathroom appliance with innovation discover.  The mention model is also not free from them without further introduction have a look at the key feature.

The Highlighted Feature at a Glance
  • Offer 4 distinctive water spray setting
  • Innovative 2 in 1 hi-tech
  • Installation complete within a minute
  • Pause feature help to maintain water supervision
  • Provide an ideal water flow rate


Delta 58467

When we took the shower faucet to present before you the most attractive part we got is its eternal design and finish. It coated with classic chrome furnish that makes it ideal for any bathroom layout. In spite of the selected color, they have another color option so you can also check out to know is that suiting your taste or not.

2 in 1 shower faucet

Like Delta 58480 the Delta 58467 also bears 2 in 1 solution. Very clearly speaking it offers you to use the gadgets as your head shower and also as your hand shower. You can customize it according to your need of situation and demand. For doing so hit the pause button and the device will separate just in a second.

4 spray water setting

Delta 4-Spray In2ition 2-in-1

Another great creation of the model is its 4 spray water setting function. It offers you to adjust your water spray setting among fast massaging spray, full body massage, and full body sprays with massage and pauses feature. Is it not exciting that you got 4 distinctive spray options within a single shower head? Although if you want extra than 4 setting spray then can check out the Delta 58480 that offer 5 spray setting.

Additional feature

The additional feature of the selected model is it pause button technology. It is so unique and latest that allows it user to stop or maintain the water flow just hit the button. If you have any pet then you will be benefited greatly with this excellent feature.  It helps you to experience a perfect shower for your pet at any time.

Water flow rate

Once more the water flow rate of the shower faucet is 2.5 gallons per minute which is ideal for any bathroom structure. Beside not require heavy water pressure for working perfectly.

Size and weight

At the point of size, the total dimension of the model is 5x7x5 inches that come under 2.45 pounds.


  • Require simple installation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be used for pet shower
  • The hand shower can be detached completely
  • Color option available


  • Plastic material
  • The water pressure is bit slow

Final words

If you want a combo shower faucet for your new or old bathroom then you can make a try of this. Likewise, we got many pet owners praised it as it makes easy for them for doing bath of their pet effortlessly. Hope you made a fruitful decision as for what reason you actually need it.