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Culligan wsh-c125 Filtered Shower Head Review

Culligan WSH-C125 Review

More or less we all care about our health condition including our hair and face. But many of us frequently face skin or hair problem due to the water dirt or other water issues.

In such circumstance filter, water bath can help to reduce the problem in a vivid manner. Consequently, we are here with exclusive Culligan wsh-c125 review that is filter based shower head.

This is an excellent shower head among few which offer this fantastic filter based feature.

 While many other shower heads remain in the mart but after a couple day of research, we got to know the Culligan WSH is the best among those.  So we decided to come across this shower head analysis.

Now we are going to put this under a microscope so that you can get both advantage and disadvantage of the model. Let’s start.

Culligan WSH-C125 Review

The Culligan is a name of the celebrated brand which a large number of people aware of. Basically, they are popular for making water filtration or softeners since 1936. But they have stared of manufacturing the bathroom gadgets since three century now. In case of our selected Culligan wall mounted filter shower head it has all those quality which a filter shower head should carry. Since starting the model analysis take look at the alluring highlighted feature.

The Highlighted Feature at a Glimpse
  • Equipment with anti-clog rubber spray nozzle
  • Reliable EPA water sense certification regulation
  • Comes with distinctive water spray setting
  • Capable of removing chlorine from the water
  • The original filter based shower head
  • Proudly certified by NSF


The design of the particular model is very simple and traditional means you hardly got any variation with any conventional shower head in appearance. It is best suited with the people who want classic wall mount shower head along with a fixed angle. The appliance has both hand shower and showers head option with almost same price range so you can take according to your demand.

5 spray water setting

Although the design is not so unique the shower head comes with such an amazing 5 spray water setting function. It allows you to customize the water spray between 5 distinctive modes. You can change it whether full body massage, gentle rain spray, soft rain spray, invigorating mood, full body pulse combo depending on your mood.

Filtration feature

The most noticeable feature of the Culligan WSH is its water filtration feature. Unlike many other shower head, it bears filter within the device that capable it of removing many unwanted diseases creating substance. It effectively destroys the presence of mold, sediments, mineral, and 99% of chlorine that are responsible for skin problems like allergy,  rashes, eczema and many more. This filter function makes the water clean like drinkable that make this shower head very worthy candidate.

Water flow rate

Apart from other feature, the water flow rate is another creation of the selected model. It has EPA water sense technology that produces 2.0 gallons or some less water per minute. That means you got enough water pressure no matter the water supply line is. Beside it gain NFS certificate against the ANSI stander 177 so you don’t need to worry about the device quality and functionality.

Rubber spray nozzle

While maximum shower head comes in plastic or metal spray nozzle in case this one is different from those. It has a rubber spray nozzle that brings many advantages of its user. The rubber spray nozzle prevents the increase of clog, bacterial, mold within the nozzle and keeps it filthy free. Besides as you have to change the filter when needed so this rubber nozzle also makes it easy.


In addition, the shower head offers you tool-free installation within a small amount of time. It is qualified of use just after arriving in your hand. Yes, you can install it without any tool just follows some general step. For more convenience, it is wise to read the guidance that already exists on the product installation details.


If your concerns about the product durability then let us tell you it is certified by NFS so undoubtedly you can expect super quality. Once more we got a claim by its original user that if you maintain it occasionally it will last more than one century easily.

Size and weight

Culligan WSH-C125 Weight Review

Similar to the entire feature the size of the shower head is also qualified. The full product dimension is 4.8x8.5x12.2 inches that easily fit with any stander pipeline. Therefore as it is not a metal build up so the weight of the product is much light that comes under 1.51 pounds.

Do you expect any more thing from any shower head with such low price range hope no! Well without add any more quality of the shower head have a look at some pros and cons.


  • Very reasonable price
  • Lightweight
  • Reduce hair and face problem
  • Easy installation
  • Nozzle bear Anti-clogged material
  • Filter remover water impurities


  • Water flow rate is little low
  • Not metal construction

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Do I need to change the filter frequently?

Answer: No, one filter provides 10,000 gallons of water and run almost 6 months continuously. Maximum consumer report they change the filter after 4 to 6 month. So you need to change the filter after every 4 t 6 month depending on your water used.

  • ​How many filters the company included?

Answer: Well the company provides the first filter with the shower head. After it expires you have to buy addition filter separately.

  • ​Does the filter able to reduce iron?​

Answer: Actually they do not include this iron remover word any of their details so we are not sure about it. Better before making your purchase you talk to the manufacturer about this particular matter.

Final words

The Culligan S-6320 is a very well deserving candidate in shower head list. It less in price but offer such amazing feature and functionally than much other high range shower head. We hardly find any weaknesses in the model that is really rare. We ensure you this shower head will surely meet your demand and expectation level so why not make a try! Hope you got an excellent result and thankful that you made the decision to purchase it.