10 Premium Shower Faucets-Latest Pick and Analysis

A faucet is an inevitable appliance of a shower area without which a shower is an empty place, means used for nothing. Consequently, the demand of best shower faucets is universal. But how to find the appropriate one is one of the most asked questions around the consumer.

With said, we have arranged a list with the latest shower faucets that currently available to pick. However, we not only made this list rather present each faucet best and worst feature. In fact, for the learner, added additional information (buying guide) so that they understand what the most important feature in faucets is.

So what are you waiting for scroll down for details!

Our pick top rated shower faucets 2019

You might think, why we have said, our created chart is the best shower faucets list.Since because we have invested our 72 hour of hard work on research for finding out these 10 faucets among of hundred options. So we can call this as top rated right? Well, discover our each faucets genuine description below.

1. Delta Lahara 17 Series Dual-Function Tub and Shower Trim Kit

Delta Lahara 17 Series Dual Function Tub and Shower Trim Kit

We start the best tub and shower faucet reviews with the leading brands namely DELTA. Introducing to the device which is a duel in the function that offers a faucet set- handle, shower head and tub faucet that’s why we called it tub and faucet reviews.

Forward to the details, this shower head appeared in different color option along with 5 water spray mood. A user can change the mood between fast massage, full body spray with massage, drenching spray, and two other options. All the function can monitor within single handle so there is no scope of confusion.

Apart from spray mood it product 1.75 gallon of water per minute that is another great feature. In fact, the innovative touch20 technology and certified frustration-free water sense make it perfect for your Shower space.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not include the valve with the set so the buyers have to purchase it separately.


  • Comes with a set
  • Touch clean facility
  • Protect from sudden tempered changes


  • The shower valve is not included
EMBATHER Shower System

The second faucet we have collected from another first-rate brand known as Embather and the selected model is among of their finest creation. Similar to the Delta Lahara 17 Series this onealso comes in a faucet set.

This faucets set offers maximum color and stylish design that having premium quality metal parts and latest air injection technology. The technology is skillfully saved up to 30% water and even keeps the shower noise free.

Eventually,provide only one rainfall water spray mood so a user can’t swift the shower mood if wanted. However, the company included all needed stuff like shower holder bracket, feet shower rose, brass shower arm so a user does not need to buy anything separately.

The particular model it luxury design wall shower faucet that best suited with the person who likes rainfall water spray.


  • Innovative air injection automation
  • Non-slippery handle
  • Easy to install


  • Included hose is plastic made
Moen T2153 Brantford Tub

The next model is from a remarkable brand, namely Moen who ruled over the bathroom appliance for a long time. With said, when you are not satisfied with the expensive faucet like Delta Lahara 17 Series or EMBATHER Shower System. Means want quality feature but reasonable in price then this could be the best shower faucets brands.

In case the selected model includes a handle, shower head, and tub faucet within one single package. Besides less in price but traditional in design and modern in a feature. Likewise, there are a few color options to choose from.

In addition, the Posi-temp pressure-balancing control valve assists you to maintain water temper. Even if, the kit includes a 3-3/8 inches diameter, spray head,and a single lever handle.

Only one issue you have to buy the valve distinctly since it is not included with the set.


  • Traditional design
  • Few color option available
  • Able to control water temper


  • Need plumber for installing it

The 4th number model is a luxury collection from the brands, SR SUN RISE. We called it a luxury because it not only high in price rather excellent in quality and appearance. In fact, it manufactured in two different sizes so one take according to their bathroom measure.

Stepped out to the details the faucets bear advance air injection technology that maintains a balance between water pressure and water used. Likewise, possess pressure balance valve that supervisor the hot and cold water supply.

Although provide only one rainy water spray mood but give it in a fantastic way. It is a wall mounted faucet in which a user can remove the sower arm flange in case of need.

It is a modern design with premium quality material that ideal for use immoderation bathroom area.


  • Luxury rain combo shower faucet
  • Air injection mechanization
  • Fantastic finish


  • Bit expensive
STARBATH SS02Y Rain Shower Set

The 5th number is again a rainfall shower faucet but of course from different brands with several feature and function. It is from STARBATH which build up this faucet for rainfall water spray lover with an elegant chrome finish and round shape format.

A most noticeable feature we got in the model is the manufacture forms it in both round and square shape with same feature and function for all taste of people. Therefore, for easy operation include a single lever for maintaining water flow and temperature.

Moreover, the user can rotate the shower head and hand shower within 360 degrees according to their need. Plus the water flow rate is 2.5 GPM so you can experience enough water pressure showers.

The user can’t use the shower head and shower handle together since both are operated with a single knob. You can switch the mood anytime but can’t use it at the same time.


  • High-pressure shower faucet
  • An excellent water flow rate
  • Available in both round and square shape design


  • Can’t use the shower head and handle together
Delta Faucet Single

After presenting a couple of faucet set the next model we take a single shower head. Consequently, this is from outstanding Delta which always known as best shower faucet brands. Meantime it is for those who are looking for an only single device.

Now at the point of details, the particular model made of drenching rain shower spray that gives it user luxury shower experiences. It is a wall mount design that offers two different colors to choose from. The manufacturer builds it in such a way that perfectly fit on a standard ½ inches pipe setting.

As well as the installation is simple, means a user can do this if he/she has some basic knowledge about the installation process. In addition, the cleaning does not require any chemical cleaners

This model is ideal for those who wantedthe luxury product but reasonable in price.


  • Easy to clean
  • Installation is straightforward
  • Budget-friendly


  • Made in black plastic, not metal constructed
Esnbia Shower System

We again back with another faucet set that is made of high-quality metal material. Yes, when the budget is not your concern and you want something premium quality products for your bathroom then the selected Esnbia shower system are ideal for you.

More or less this faucet offers super powerful rainfall water spray that is enough to relax your tired body and mind anytime. Likewise, design in a square shape with an elegant nickel finish that suited any type of bathroom layout.

Furthermore, the manufacture included all need things so you don’t need to buy anything separately. Moreover, both shower head and shower handle operated through a single handle so there is no option of confusion.

The noticeable feature of the model is if a user is not satisfied with water flow then he/she can remove the flow restriction in order to get unlimited water pressure.


  • Luxury design
  • Allow remove of flow restriction
  • Metal build up


  • Available in only one water spray mood
American Standard 8888026.002 Slip-On 4 Inch Diverter

The next model is entirely different from the listed other since it is not a faucet set or neither a showerhead. Well, it is a bathtub faucet which we take from the famous American stander brand that can be regarded as the best bathtub faucets.

Apparently, this one comes under reasonable price as it is a single piece. Moving on the details the model builds in brass construction that gives it long-lasting durability. Besides, design in standard wall mounts 7.4x5.2x3 inches size that will perfectly fit any bathtub.

Apart from that, the installation of the tap is easy which you can do without any professional help.

Clearly,this one we have presented for those who want single bathtub faucets within less price but super in quality.


  • Single design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Chrome material


  • Some complain that after a couple of months used it began to leak
Delta Faucet Windemere Single-Function Tub

We can’t resist taking another delta device; after all without this the list of best shower faucet system seems incomplete. Anyhow, the particular faucet is among of their awesome creation that hands over with handle, shower head, and tub faucet.

Now at the point of details, it offers you a full body water spray with single handle maintenance. On the other hand, there is no possibility of sudden temperature change since the manufacturer included monitor pressure balance valve.

Once more, you can rotate the shower head position according to your comfort position. As well as, the rubber spray holes allow a user to clean it just wiped away with the finger.

The valve is not combining with the package to complete the unit. So a buyer has to collect it with extra money.


  • Having water sense labeled
  • Provide drenching shower background
  • A full set in one package


  • Water pressure is low comparatively other
Moen TS2712 90 Degree PosiTemp

The last but not the least product we take from Moen which gain fame by shaping unique and quality products for their worldwide consumer. Well, the Moen TS2712 is a shower and handles structure that is proudly made by the USA.

The feature that made us to include it on our list is its self-pressuring system that helps the device to increase the water flow rate every time. Besides the valve that a user has to buy separately again assist the faucet maintains the water temperature perfectly.

In addition, the unique design and elegant chrome coating make it all in one for any modern bathroom layout. 

When you want something modern and simple design device then the selected model might meet your expectation level.


  • Made in USA
  • Unique self-pressing technology
  • Modern design


  • A user has to buy some parts additionally

The thing to consider before buying a shower faucet (Buying Guide)

In the beginning, we have promised to share additional information that helps a user to pick the right one for them. Although our included each faucet almost perfect in their function, design, feature and so on. But there are always some basic thing remain which a user should consider before picking the final one. Let’s see those factors.

Type of faucet 

The first thing a user has to check the faucet type, mean which configuration it offers. Clearing speaking there are basically two sort of faucet available in the mart. First one is the traditional type that offers two different taps for temperature and water flow rate control.

The second one, on the other hand, now days are available at almost everywhere is single handle feature. This type of faucet offers a single handle for both temperature and water flow rate control. It is more popular and easy to use and take little space as well.

Water flow rate 

Another important considerable factor is the water flow rate of your selected model. Yes, it is perhaps the crucial feature of any faucet. If the water flow rate of your device is low, you never get a satisfactory bathing experience. No matter how much you invested in your device, the water flow should be up to 1.5 gallons per minute is a necessary requirement.

Installation process 

The next consideration factor is the device installation process. Wait, you might get wonder why this important. You can call a plumber for installation right? Well, you ask for professional help or want to do installation the device by yourself it up to you. But in the manner, the installation of the faucet should offer simple and easy. So it is wise to read the details of installation before your final approach.


No matter you are buying a wearing product or home appliance in every case it requires maintenance whether low or high. Meantime when you layout for your shopping be aware how maintenance your selected device requires. Since, if you buy high maintenance faucet it undoubtedly pelts you in trouble. So try to get one which requires minimum or low maintenance.

Faucet set or a single faucet

Although some not consider this is an important factor. But from our point of view, before you’re gone to shopping, it is important to decide you need a full set or single one. This step assists you to avoid much unnecessary choice and get you on the right product.

Our recommendation

A recommendation is one of the toughest jobs as we got. Because every faucet we have included above is a worthy candidate. By the way, we can’t tell one single name rather we have recommended you two faucets. One is Delta Lahara 17 Series that are an overall package which not only offers a set rather premium in quality and provides 5 different water spray mood.

And the second number is EMBATHER Shower System which is luxury set, metal construction,and finest design faucet.

Final words

After all our above mention discussion you have surely already found the best shower faucets for your next or first purchase. Now do keep in mind, our job is to present the finest product before you. But in the end, it depends on you which product meets your taste and expectation level. We just assure you that we have made an immense effort to find the greatest product for you. We hope if you buy one from the list you will find it useful and enjoyable.

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