Hansgrohe Raindance-Air Shower Head Review

Hansgrohe Raindance review

The world is full of different people with their distinctive choice and taste. Whether one may like a simple and clean feature or the other may prefer multiple features in a single device. With this natural thought, we include the Hansgrohe Raindance review for those who genuinely like traditional pattern shower heads for their everyday need.

Literally, this Hansgrohe 27474001 shower head is the best choice for those who like rainfall water and never get tired of this faculty. Although it provides a classic rainfall shower experience but secretly bears few awesome alluring features that made it inwardly appealing to different consumers. Go ahead to discover that significant part of the showerhead below.

Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead, 10-Inch, Chrome

We guess when you decided to shop for your very new or replace shower head then Hansgrohe surely comes to your mind just like Speakman or Delta brands. And why not! Since they are standing in the bathroom appliance manufacturer for more than five centuries now. Therefore it has the quality that able to gives a great competition with multiple famous brands in showerhead builder. However, before full detail let’s see the key feature.

Highlighted Feature at a Glimpse

  • Large 10 inches shower head
  • Include one function water spray setting
  • Unique airpower technology
  • Quick clean anti-calcification function
  • Having non-clog nozzle


A design is the prime part of Hansgrohe Raindance which made us present it before you. It scheme in 9.12 inches pattern with a luxurious appearance that takes your heart at first glance. It is just like those showers head which we often see in high-class’s hotel bathrooms or any spa place. When you desire those types of showerheads for your own residence then this chrome finish shower head suited you best.

Rainfall water spray

We already mentioned this top listed model just offers you a single water spray setting, unlike many others that remain in the mart. It is having 180 individual spray channels that are big in number for giving you full-body coverage. The large shower head very effectively gives you exact rainfall experiences throughout your bathing hours every single time. You got a spring rain background within your own bathroom with this piece of a shower head no doubt.

Latest airpower technology

Although offered only single water spray mode but offer it with the unique and latest style. It bears airpower’s latest technology that provides water spray which increases in touch of natural air from the weather. That does not mean you need artificial air for production. Rather this feature automatically consumes air and increase and maintains the water falling speed in a unique manner.

Anti-clog silicone nozzle

The noteworthy material of the showerhead is its silicon nozzle design that further carries anti-clog concrete. This nozzle capable of the fight against the increasing clog, mold, and mildew within your nozzle and always provide obstacle-free water sprays.

Quick clean function

As it bears a silicon nozzle which is not only an anti-clog nozzle but at the same time conveys flexible rubber material. So it allows a user to clean is just childlike means need no extra effort. You can easily wipe away the unwanted stake from the nozzle anytime you want.

Water flow rate

Hansgrohe Raindance Water flow rate

Similar to the other simple and fantastic features the water flow rate of the showerhead is also standard. It is capable of producing 2.5 gallons of water per minute that finely cover the shower place. Besides, you can rotate the showerhead 26 degrees in any direction that again adds extra convenience.

Size and weight

In case of size, it arrives in 9.4×9.4×9.4 inches overall dimension which bears 3 pounds weight.


  • It covers a wide range of area
  • Installation is very easy
  • Stylish design
  • Offer super rainfall shower experience
  • Cleaning requires no effort


  • Bit expensive competitively the feature it offers
  • Not any customizable option

Final words

We arrange this Hansgrohe Raindance review especially for those we want rainfall water spray for their bathing hours. If you are looking for a multi-spray setting shower head that can check our Speakman series shower headHowever, we suggest you make a try this mention model once if you are loved to do an experiment with the showerhead.

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