Delta 58480-pk Review-Hottest Shower Head with Hand Shower

Delta 58480-pk review

If you are looking for two in one latest shower faucet for your modern bathroom or apartment then you come to an exact place. Eventually, we have included here the Delta 58489-pk reviews that might meet your expectation level.

More or less when you think about modern shower faucet then most probably DELTA brands comes into mind at a front place. Since it the name of a top-rated brand that offers outstanding shower heads along with innovative and latest technology.

However after a couple of research and deny over 50 shower heads we finally took the delta 58480 H20 kinetic model to present before you then the reason is obvious. Let’s explore the actual motive.

Delta 58480-PK In2ition H2Okinetic 5-Setting Two-in-One Handshower Showerhead, Chrome

Delta 58480-pk review We find this model useful and advanced in features and technology that undoubtedly fitting with any person’s taste and requirement. It is high in quality and component that easily can beat many other famous shower heads. By the way, before getting fully characterized keep your eye on a key feature.

The Highlighted Feature at a Glimpse​

  • Absolutely plated shower head
  • Offer a distinctive shower spray mood
  • Comes with a hand shower and shower head together
  • Having self-cleaning automation
  • Able to maintaining water temperature


Delta 58480-pk review

You become astonished to view the design of the particular model that not only latest in technology but elegant in appearance. It designs in such a way that perfectly set with any bathroom design and color. However, the shower faucet offers you a multiple color option among them we took chrome one to introduce to you.

2 in 1 conception

The most noted feature of the sower is it’s 2 in 1 design. This means you can use it whereas a shower head or as a hand shower whatever you desire. Besides, the wide range of water setting such as messaging spray, full-body spray and the combination of messaging and full-body able you to set your mood per your requirement. Furthermore, you can rotate the shower head over 360-degree according to your need.

Water flow rate

At the point of water flow, it produces 1.75 gallons of water per minute that is more than enough for taking a perfect shower. Likewise, the H20 kinetic technology maintains water temper whereas the water sense certification works for supporting water conversion.

Self-cleaning knob

Besides, you don’t need to worry about the cleaning process as it has a self-cleaning knob that effortlessly cleans the shower head whenever you want. Meaning that asks for less maintenance.

Size and weight


Stepped out for the size detains it arrive in 11.6×6.9×6.9 inches that are ideal in size. Beside comes under 2.8 pounds which we guess perfect as a weight.


If you are concern that is the hand shower able to fixed on the showerhead? Then let us tell you that this showerhead comes with MegnaTite technology that used a powerful magnet which holds the showerhead and shower handle securely so there is no possibility of fallen down.


  • Installation is very easy
  • Multiple color option
  • Water spray setting is customizable
  • Water sense certification
  • Having MegnaTite high-tech
  • Reduce water waste


  • The hand shower occasionally fall down from the showerhead
  • Plastic material
  • Water flow rate is low competitively other delta models

Final words

We include the overall feature, function, mechanism, and detail of the Delta 58480-pk showerhead distinctly. Hope you able to get the full information and already find out if it meets your style and requirement. We warp up here to wishes you good luck with your ultimate decision.

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