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Speakman s-2005-hb- Genuine Review

Speakman s-2005-hb review

How it would have been like if you had a shower head like a hotel bathroom for your own residence? Of course, it is exciting to get a high-quality shower head with the budget-friendly option right! Well, don’t be confused since we are talking about Speakman s-2005-HB shower head that has all in one technology which able to fulfills your desire.

As it is such kind of shower head that is frequently used in the famous resort, spa place, home, leading hotel and so on. But how you can have sure about it? In case, our genuine Speakman s-2005-HB review will help you in your way of acquirement. Scroll down for details.

Speakman s-2005-hb review

Speakman is a name of a prominent brand that offers super quality shower head in the worldwide. They are standing amidst the crowd of shower head manufacturing brand since 1869. However, we have selected the particular model to present in front of you as it has gain outstanding popularity because of its distinguished functionality. Before elaborate let’s see the key feature.

The Highlighted Feature at a glimpse
  • Adjustable spray setting architecture
  • Distinctive color and gallon option to choose from
  • Self-cleaning latest technology
  • Comes with 58 individual spray pattern
  • Include operating handle for easy controlling
  • Can be rotated within 360-degree
  • Having adjustable knob


The design is a prime influence of any product your desire to own. With said, the particular model very unique designs with fine polish chrome color that perfectly suited with your modern bathroom. Although we here select the chrome color they have few other color and function option from which you can take according to your taste.

Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Shower Head-2.5 GPM Adjustable Replacement Bathroom Showerhead, Polished Chrome

Customizable Water Jets

A most noticeable feature of Speakman s-2005 is the adjustable water jets. This feature allows a user to customize water flow depend on their need and mood. It has five water jets which strain the water into 50 individual streams. It works when you need a soft rainy type water flow for relaxing yourself.

Moreover, the eight pulsating massage sprays further give a user to an advanced level of bathing experience. It helps you to get intense water flow while you require heavy water sprays for loosening up yourself. Besides, there is also a combination option that again takes your shower experience in another level.

Self-cleaning function

Another great object of the selected model is its auto self-cleaning technology. The shower head bears a self-cleaning nozzle that automatically cleans clogged, mildew, and dust from your shower head without any troubles. Means you don’t need to worry about your water quality and the shower head cleaning.

Water flow maintainer

This shower head is excellently constructed for delivering your require water flow perfectly no matter how the main line water ability is. Yes. It having 2.60 gallons of water flow rate per minute that ensure your ideal amount of water requirement. Likewise, the shower head made of such a way that perfectly set on your plumber line. In fact, there is no chance for any disturbing issue as it maintains water power very efficiently.

360-degree rotation capability

Although we already mention that this shower head offers you to customizes water sprays rate but there is another excellent feature available. Yes, it is, the device has 360-degree rotation capacity which comes in any streaming technology that allows user simply rotate the shower head between diverse spray patterns.

Size, weight, and durability

Apart from design and functionality the size of the shower head is ideally composite. The overall dimension of the product is 5.4x3.2x3.2 inches that can easily fit on any bathroom pipeline. Even if the weight is much lighter and manageable that comes under 11.7 ounces. Once more it offers the user fantastic long lasting durability.

Installation process

Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Shower Head-2.5 GPM Adjustable Replacement Bathroom Showerhead, Polished Chrome

If the installation process is your concern then get relaxed.  Eventually, the shower head offers trouble-free and straightforward installation process.  Means if you have little bit knowledge about plumber you can very easily install it without any heavy equipment and can avoid the extra plumber bill.


Stepped out for the maintenance details the shower head demand almost zero maintenance. If your water is hard then you have to clean be occasionally. Beside the self-cleaning method clean it effectively so no need any large amount of maintenance.

There is no way that any product is hundred percent perfect and for this particular model, it has also some disadvantage. So without further discussion let’s see some pros and cons.


  • Provide distinctive shower modes
  • Reasonable in price
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Easy to install
  • Require no maintenance
  • Include advance technology


  • Bit small shower head( not cover big area)
  • Some complaint against water flow rate( we not sure about it)
  • Internal fitting is plastic material

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  •  Is it bear plastic or metal material?

Answer: The shower head is constructed in a plastic body that is furnished with chrome finish. However, you cannot get metal body within such inexpensive price range so it is good enough in this category.

  • Do I need plumber help to install it properly?

Answer:  Well, if you have zero experience in shower installation then, of course, you need plumber help. Although it wants very minimum effort for installing purpose which you can learn on your own accord just follow some simple step.

  • Is there any filter inside that need to change?

Answer:  No there is no filter inside; it is totally filtered free so no need to concern about it.

Final words

Overall we estimated our Speakman s-2005-HB review will be helpful for your way of purchasing. As in this details description, we tried our best to show you both advantage and disadvantage of the shower head vividly. And for doing so we research a couple of days and find out all features before the final approach. In the end, it depends on you which feature meet your expectation level and we guess you already find your answer.

Best of luck!