Best Shower Head Reviews 2022: An Expert Shower Choosing Guide

Looking for the perfect showerhead? You are at the right place.

 Shower heads are important indispensable items for every bathroom. After a long day of hard work, we all love standing under a shower for a couple of minutes.

 The few minutes we take in the shower energize us, relax our muscles, and refresh our moods. If you want to increase the refreshment, you will have to find a nice shower head that will suit your needs.

However, finding the right shower head that will suit your needs is not easy. With so many options on the market, you could easily be confused about which one to choose. In this guide, we have listed some of the best shower heads you will find on the market today. We will also cover buying guides and other important details that will help you to make an informed decision when looking for the best shower head.

1)    Speakman S 2005-HB Hotel Anystream

Speakman s-2005-hb review

Speakman is one of the leading brands on the market and is known for manufacturing quality products. The S 2005-HB Anystream​​​​​, a product of Speakman, combines aesthetically appealing design with power and pressure comparable to some of the best showers in high-end hotels. This model will bring you so many hours of showering pleasure, thanks to its fantastic build quality and reliable nature.

The performance of S 2005-HB Anystream is exceptionally amazing and it is quite easy to see why. The shower head has five adjustable jet patterns; therefore, you can be sure that it will meet your showering needs. These include the water-saving feature, full power jets, and a lot more soothing massage ability. Each pattern delivers fantastic cleaning with high end-constant pressure. All shower functions are also chosen with the help of the lever that is located on the right side of the unit.

On the model’s powerful mode, it uses 2.5 gallons of water per minutes. When you switch on the water-saving feature, it will come in at about 2 gallons per minute. You will also not encounter any issues with pressure on any mode because of the quality of the unit when it is installed.

 Another beneficial aspect of the S 2005-HB Anystream is that it requires low maintenance. For those who live in areas that have hard water, you may have to clear it occasionally, but for everyone else, the model has an effective and impressive self-cleaning nozzle that blasts water out every time to finish using it. This is particularly important when it comes to reducing the buildup of scale and also removes any unwanted minerals that may cause future problems


  • The aesthetically appealing unit that fits perfectly in almost any bathroom regardless of the design
  • Incredibly affordable when you consider what you get
  • A powerful jet system that uses water efficiency
  • Five unique, satisfying modes
  • Warranty


  • Has a small shower face

2)    Aqua Elegante 3″ High-Pressure Shower Head

Aqua Elegante 3 High-Pressure Shower Head

When it comes to looking for government fixtures for a bathroom, simple is always the best way to go, and the Aqua Elegante 3″ High-Pressure Shower Head fits that description. However, despite having a simple design and appearance, this is definitely one of the best and most reliable shower heads you can install particularly if you have low water pressure in your home and you are looking to give your shower a more powerful spray.

You can mount this shower head on a standard half-inch thread shower arm and you’ll immediately see what makes this shower head so special. It uses a number of internal flow restrictions, and as such, it boosts spray pressure significantly without wasting water.

In addition, the rubberized shower jets and chrome finish offer superior durability as well as resistance to corrosion and staining over time. If you are looking for simpler things, then you should consider buying Aqua Elegante 3″ High-Pressure Shower Head.

One last point that we cannot complete this review without mentioning is the fact that it has 42 nozzles that produce significantly high flow rate. This has helped me to become one of the most reliable high-pressure shower heads. Find the pros and cons below.


  • Its flow rate is quite impressive for its size
  • It has a simple installation with all the materials included
  • The finish is stain resistant and highly durable
  • Very affordable
  • Excellent pressure from the 42 nozzles
  • Easy installation


  • Water pressure can be too high when the flow restrictor is removed
  • Does not have adjustable spray modes
  • The 3″ shower head may not cover a large spray area
  • You cannot adjust the pressure without removing the flow restrictor

3)    Moen Magnetix Six-Function Handheld Shower head

Moen Magnetix Six Function Handheld Showerhead

With this shower head, you get an excellent combination of 3.5″ of a handheld shower, a 60″ metal hose and a magnetic bracket holder. Installation is pretty easy; therefore, you don’t need to worry about this. According to most users, installation only takes a short time.

What makes this unit stand out from other models is its string magnet. When you compare it to other models that don’t have a reliable and powerful magnet, you can count on this unit. The magnet is powerful and it holds the shower head in place tightly. Additionally, the magnet will remain stronger for the next months it will be in use. That’s what makes it the best models of hand-held showers.

The moen shower headperforms excellently and produces water at a rate of 2.5 GPM. However, the performance of the spray is not too strong; therefore, the water coming out of it will give you just the right experience. In addition, the shower head has 6 spray settings that you can choose from. On days when you are too tired, you can use the massage setting. You can choose the Rain Function to get the feel of raindrops. There are four other options to provide you with the right shower experience you are looking for.

With a flow of 2.5 GPM, it means that the shower head makes an excellent choice for people want to save on water bills. And when it comes to appearance, it looks goods. Whether you choose to Brushed Nickel or Chrome finish, the unit will bring a modern touch to your bathroom.


  • Features a hand-held shower, magnetic holder and a flexible hose
  • Comes with six spray settings to give you the ultimate shower experience
  • Excellent water pressure and floor
  • Has a beautiful design that makes your bathroom look elegant
  • You can find it in multiple finishes
  • With a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, the shower head can help you to save water and bills
  • The best magnetic shower head


  • A bit expensive

4)    ​Moen S6320                

Moen S6320 Review

Moen 6320 is designed to be a velocity two-function shower head, but it is basically a rain shower. It 8″ shower plate provides a huge coverage and also provides a jet spray and rain rinse modes of the stream. 

The shower head has 100 nozzles that give you a luxurious and comfortable rain shower. The 8″ diameter gives a perfect coverage to the whole body, and the steady flow of 2.5 GPM helps to give your body a perfect rinse over your body. In addition, very few rain showers from this shower head give you the feature of a two-function. It also provides you with the jet spray mode. You simply need to turn the level that is attached to the shower head to get a rainfall or jet stream.

The shower head uses immersion technology to produce a powerful stream and pressure for the nest rinsing. This technology helps in creating a self-pressure before channeling the water in a circular motion for a consistently powerful stream of jet spray or rainfall. It helps to give a thorough rinse every time you are taking a shower.

For people who have low water pressure in their homes, the Moen S6320 will not be able to give you a wonderful rainfall experience you are looking for. Some users who like a heavy flow of water can remove the rubber band or green water restrictor for greater force if they are not happy with the stream. In addition, this model doesn’t have an angled rotation swivel.

The durable and stylish design is available in four finishes. They include brushed nickel, oil bronzed, antique bronze and polished chrome. Many people would prefer polished chrome because it looks stylish. In addition, the nozzles have rubber former’s to allow for easy cleaning of deposits of salts. The manufacturer, Moen, provides a lifetime warranty so that you can enjoy your shower for many years to come without any problem.


  • Two-way function
  • 8″ diameter shower head
  • Stylish design
  • Available in 4 finishes


  • Price is a bit higher

5)    Delta two-spray 75152 Shower head

Delta 2-Spray

Although the Delta 75152 doesn’t have multiple water patterns, it has been included in this list because it delivers an all-around performance. It is a water amplifying shower head that uses the technology of H20 Kinetic for a powerful spray and unique wave pattern. This technology helps to provide more coverage than tradition shower heads with reduced pipe noise and enjoyable shower.

Delta 75152 has two settings: they H20 Kinetic spray and adjustable water amplifying sprays.  There is a volume control that enables for easy change of settings, and dual flow settings of 1.8 GPM and 2.5 GPM which can be adjusted according to your needs. It also has 4 large nozzles and the manufacturer has designed it in a way that it will not clog with mineral deposits. But if it clogs, you can easily clean it.

One of the best features of this shower head is the H20 Kinetic technology makes it water efficient and case save 36% of water when compared to other shower heads and it can rinse your hair easily. The technology allows users to choose among powerful and gentle flow or drenching shower.

Another thing that makes it the highest rated dual shower head is that its body is made from plastic with a chrome finish. It is easy to install and comes with mounting hardware to help you install easily. Its swivel ball assembly allows it to rotate in any direction. To ensure durability, it’s connected with a metal ball. In addition, the holes on the shower head are clog-free, which makes cleaning a lot easier.

The main drawback of this shower head is that it has narrow water dispersal. The nozzles are designed to focus on a certain path instead of spreading out. As s result, the water will not cover your whole body.


  • Will reduce your water bills by up to 36%
  • Does not price pipe noise
  • Has adjustable water flow
  • Designed with a clog-free nozzle


  • Made of plastic
  • Misty flow interferes with the quality flow of hot bath
  • Narrow water dispersal

6)    High-pressure shower head by Aisoso

Aisoso High-pressure showerhead

Are you looking for a simple, stylish, convenient and durable rainfall shower head? If yes then you should consider buying the high-pressure shower head from Aisoso. This shower head has a high-quality, non-toxic, lead-free material, clog-free, and anti-leak design. It also looks elegant and has a contemporary style that makes it look unique.

What makes this unit so popular is the fact that it has a chrome plated surface finish that makes it more beautiful and fashionable. Most importantly, it does not fade or rust. There are five control settings to choose from: power mist, rain massage, Pulsating massage, Rain mist, and power rain.

Its 4.1″ panel has 47 Self-cleaning medical TPE nozzles as well as 19 ABS Nozzles that allows for easy cleaning. The shower bracket has an angle-adjustable Brass Ball joint that helps you to adjust the shower head easily. There is also a Mesh Filter that plays the key role in removing and you can also remove the flow restrictor to save water. In addition, each shower head comes with a free Teflon Tape that helps prevent leaks.

When you buy this unit, you get one high-pressure shower head, an anti-leakage Teflon tape, and an exquisite packaging box.

It is important that you install the shower head according to the instructions that have been provided in the installation diagram. In the event of ultra-low water pressure, or in the pursuit of high water flow, you can remove the flow restrictor. You don’t need any tools, but when tightening with a pipe wrench, make sure that you use a piece of cloth and turn it slightly. Don’t over tighten then shower head as doing so will damage it or the shower arm.


  • Angle adjustable brass ball joint makes it easy to adjust the shower head
  • The shower head comes with a free Teflon Tape that helps to prevent leaks
  • You don’t need tools to tighten the shower head
  • Made from durable material


  • Some users have complained that the shower head has an awkward spray pattern

7)  ​  Delta 58480-PK In2ition

Delta 58480-pk review

The Delta 58480-PK In2ition shower head has a unique design with some beautiful features. These shower heads are great when it comes to saving water at a rate of 2 GPM, and that doesn’t interfere with the pressure. In addition, you get to enjoy a good shower with this shower head.

It also features the H20 Kinetic technology which provides sprays in a wave pattern that is designed to produce heavier droplets. But we could not verify the size of the droplet, but you can be sure that the standard rain setting will be strong enough. In addition, the WaterSense labeled showers use 20% less water when compared to industry standard shower heads. That means that you will save money without compromising on the performance.

Additionally, the pause feature of shower heads lowesreduces water to a trickle. This gives you space to shave, lather and do other shower jobs while maintaining the temperature settings.

The Delta 58480-PK gets water exactly where you need it using its integrated handheld shower and integrated shower head together or separately. In addition, the unit is ideal for bathing pets and loved ones and keeps the inside of your tub or shower clean. It h2o Kinetic shower technology sculpts the water into a wave pattern that is unique. This generates a powerful drench spray but gives you the feeling of using more water without actually using more water. In addition, the MagnaTite Docking has a powerful integrated magnet that holds the shower head in place precisely for easy docking each time.

The shower head also installs in minutes and the spray settings include Full Body spray, Massage spray, H2O Kinetic spray and Full spray with massage.


  • It is a two in one shower head
  • Features self-cleaning H2O kinetic technology spray
  • Five settings for the ultimate bathing experience
  • Features touch clean spray holes


  • Some users complain that it is expensive

8)    Speakman S 2252

speakman s-2252 review

This shower head from Speakman has six plungers with 48 sprays that are powerful and fully customizable. The shower head features a patented Anystream 360 technology that allows you to seamlessly rotate the handle in the direction you want to get the perfect showering experience from the transition of the different patterns of spray.

The powerful sprays produced by the shower head gives a comfortable, soothing shower even when the pressure is low. It can produce a heavy downpour of water in a matter of seconds, and it can spray at a rate of 1.75 to 2.5 GPM. There are actually three models of the S 2252 on the market with different water spraying capacity; that is 1.75, 2, and 2.5 GPM.

The Speakman shower headhas 3 patterns of water flow. There is intense, flood, and rain. In the intense mode, water from the shower head doesn’t intersect with any other. The powerful stream produced gives a refreshing and sensual shower. In addition, the rain setting is gentle, and the water droplets are soothing, heavy and large. After a long day of hard work, the flood setting is what you will need to get yourself refreshed. Under the flood mode, the shower head produces a powerful spray that relaxes your aching muscles. In addition, the drenching effect of the water spray will pound of your skin to give you that comfortable shower you have been longing for.

The body of this shower head is made from brass for durability. Its outlook is designed to beautiful in your bathroom. It has a polished chrome finish that fits in any bathroom design and adds to its beauty. There is also the self-cleaning feature that cleans nozzles. In addition, the manufacturer provides a lifetime limited warranty.


  • It has s solid brass body to ensure durability
  • The restrictor can easily be removed
  • Works perfectly with low water pressure
  • Customizable shower pattern


  • The water restrictor reduces the pressure of water

9) A-Flowâ„¢ Shower Head

A-Flowâ„¢ Shower Head

This shower head has a luxurious 6″ large shower head that gives full body coverage. You will also get a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home every day with this shower head. In addition, it has a unique water setting that can be adjusted easily by turning the dial. Most importantly, it is an affordable shower head that you can buy at home.

The A-flow Shower Head also has five different flow setting, which includes Aeration, Pause, Massage, Rain and Mist. The swivel ball in this shower head allows you to decide on the angle you want the shower head to be in and adjust according to your wish.

Most importantly, installation of the shower head is easy and usually doesn’t require any tool at all. In addition, the shower head is made from ABS material that has a chrome finish to make your bathroom look beautiful and stunning. Considering that it is a 6″ shower head, its price is imaginably lower. In addition, its parts are universal, which means that it will work any standard plumbing. 


  • You don’t need pressure pumps when using this shower head. You simply need to remove the water restrictor to enjoy heavy water pressure
  • Great combination of service and price
  • You don’t have to worry about installation of this amazing shower. You don’t need a plumber because you can easily do it yourself
  • The shower head is also made from high-quality materials that make durable products
  • It also comes with a pause function that enables you to save water, thus reducing your electricity bills
  • Its customizable spray pattern will definitely melt your heart. In addition, the mist and rain settings are loved by many customers


  • Some users have found that it is a bit difficult to switch the pattern of the shower for the small lever
  • Some users say it produces a lot of noise

10)    Vida Alegria 5″ Spashower

Vida Alegria 5 Spashower

Like the name suggests Vida Alegria is designed with the aspect of a “Joyful Life for you”. This is a unique combination of service and durability. This shower head is made for people who are looking for an elegant shower head, with excellent water pressure and is able to stay clean always. In addition, it comes with 5+ settings that are completely different from each other. Most importantly, you can only use one hand to switch between the different flows patterns that you want to enjoy.

The durable ABS plate has been designed to stay clean and it doesn’t get watermarked easily, making it the perfect choice for use in homes that have salty water.  The shower head is also made from a durable solid brass connector that lasts longer, and the ball joint won’t leak or crack, making it just the perfect gift for people who like long-lasting products,

It also has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, which increases when you remove the 2 part water restrictor. Aside from that, it comes with simplified step-by-step illustrations and a free Teflon tape. For those who prefer a shiny faceplate, they can easily change to the Simplified head. And if you don’t want to use the shower head on the wall, you simply need to pair it with the Vida Alegria’s 18″ Reach model solid brass extension arm.


  • Comes with 5 patterns which can be easily adjusted to soothe your mood
  • The hi-tech and stylish faceplate keeps the surface of the shower head clear and does not display any hard water sports. This saves you a lot of trouble
  • It also produces high water pressure that will lighten your mood anytime
  • It also comes with illustrated instructions that make installation a lot easier and faster
  • With the ball joint and connector made from solid brass, the whole unit will last longer without cracks and leaks
  • It has silicon jets that can be cleaned easily with a flick of your thumb. In addition, the head can easily swivel in any direction


  • Some users say it is expensive

11)    Culligan WSH C125

Culligan WSH-C125 Review

This shower head manufactured by Culligan uses a quality filter system that has been tested and certified by the international ANSI standard 177. This certified shower head filter works perfectly as a single unit.

The model offers to remove the harsh level of chlorine in the water. Aside from chlorine, the shower head also removes odor caused by sulfur, reducing the buildup of scale.

It has the WHR-140 filter cartridge that helps to remove all the impurities from water, providing clean and soft water that you can use to clean your hair and body. In addition, this filter also helps in removing in removing or reducing the growth of bacteria in your shower head. However, in homes where the water is too harsh, it might not be able to soften the water fully.

The wall-mounted shower head comes with five spray settings. There are different settings to choose from according to your individual preference. For example, you can choose from different settings. There is also full body spray which allows for better coverage or massaging pulse to relax your body. With these simple setting, you will have exemplary comfort when taking your shower.

The water filter in this shower head can last up to six months before replacement. It is also easy to install and it doesn’t require any tools to do so. The shower can disperse up to 2 gallons of water per minute, but of course, it depends on the pressure of the water. If you want a heavy shower, then you should consider removing the filter.

In addition, the nozzles are made from rubber with a clog-free feature. Hard cleaning is not necessary as you only need to rub gently. You can also adjust the height and angle to suit your needs. The 4.8″ provides better coverage.


  • Set up is very easy
  • certified for quality
  • Consistent and effective in filtering water
  • Offer five settings for a comfortable shower
  • Has an adjustable angle for easy reach


  • Doesn’t work well with low water pressure
  • Cannot soften harsh water

12)    HotelSpa Ultra-luxury three-way rainfall shower head

HotelSpa Ultra-luxury three-way rainfall shower head

The Hotel Spa Ultra-luxury rainfall shower head is a three-way multi-functional shower head that works on a dual shower head system. The shower head comes with shower heads: 6-inch shower head and a 4-inch shower head that can be held on the hand.

The settings of this shower head are designed such that you can use one headset at a time or a combination of both. This is the best dual shower head that will compel you to take that shower after a hard day of work. In addition, the shower head comes with some great features: it has 30 settings that allow you to make your shower experience a lovely one. For instance, with this shower head, you can choose from 30 full and combined water flow patterns.

It also has enough conical brass nuts that tighten easily with your hand. The connectors are also of standard sizes, and for this reason, you don’t have to use extra components to fix it. With the shower head’s amazing features, you will be able to create a spa-like feel in your home as you can adjust the settings to get different spray patterns, including pulsating massage, power rain, rain/mist, hydrating mist, water-saving economy rain, and massage/rain. With the lifetime warranty, it basically means that you are buying the best shower head you could ever find on the market.

The most important features that you will get on this shower head are: angle-adjustable, easy to fix, lifetime warranty, rub clean jets and clock lever dial.


  • Ideal for showers and baths because of its 5ft hosepipe
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Has a Precision SpiralFlo design to deliver the desired extra pressure
  • Easy installation
  • It has 30 different settings


  • It is made from plastic which makes it low-grade when compared to other models
  • Its adjusting knob has not been placed appropriately

Let us look at the most important things to consider when looking for a shower head. Keep in mind the following points:


Always keep in mind that the amount of money you intend to use for buying the shower head is very important because it prevents you from overspending. You need a well-set price range as this will be helpful in helping you to narrow down the number of shower heads that will be available to you. When you are sure about your budget and your needs, you can find shower heads that meet your needs and satisfy your request. In addition, a product that costs more isn’t always the best. Make sure that you choose shower heads that meet your budget and don’t surpass your budget.


Another important to keep in mind when buying a shower head is its design. We all love shower heads that have good designs, however, you need to consider the shower head’s working environment. A shower head panel that has a stylish and luxurious design may not be able to fit in your bathroom or a high pressure, a standard shower head that disperses water at a rate of 2.5 GMP may not deliver the desired output for homes that have low water pressure. You should keep in mind that floors have different water pressure; therefore, consider choosing a design that suits the available resources. In addition, with the scarcity of water being a problem these days, it is important that you choose a shower head design that can conserve water. This will help you to save water and cut down your bills.

You also need to consider the diameter of the face of the model. There are many shower heads with a wide range of face plates. You will find those that are large (about 9″ in diameter and others about 4″ in diameter). Shower heads that have large face plates cover a large area. You need to consider the type of face plate that will fit your bathroom.

A good shower head design should also have easy cleaning nozzles. When minerals and chlorine deposit in the nozzles, it clogs and reduces the performance of the shower head. Some advanced shower heads feature anti-clogging technology, but for a standard shower head, you will have to clean it.   It is easy to clear flat face plates with a gentle wipe or rub with a towel. It is also easy to prevent clogs with silicon nozzles. This is because they can be easily cleaned with scrubbing.


Many people often think that the higher the price of an item, the better the quality. However, this is a completely wrong assumption. You will find many shower heads on the market that are of higher quality and available you at reasonable prices.

The quality of the shower head is mainly determined by three aspects: longevity, material, and performance. You will find that most cheap shower heads are made from plastic, and although they may work well for some time, they may not serve in the long-run. Shower heads that are built from brass, chrome, and nickel give your bathroom a stylish appearance and run longer than their plastic counterparts. The longevity of the shower head also depends on maintenance. It may be a metal one or plastic one if cleaning is done regularly and with proper handling, they can last longer.

Shower heads also have different water settings or patterns, such as rainfall, misty shower, waterfall, heavy shower, massage or water conserving. These settings require either low or high water pressure. Make sure that you choose a shower head that suits your water pressures. Every shower head manufacturer will promise exceptional performance, but you should not trust these empty claims because they are misleading. If you want to know the performance of any particular shower, make sure that you carefully read customer reviews.


In most cases, installing a shower head is very easy as most of them offer tool-free installation. However, it is important that you understand the installation of any particular shower head so that you can check whether the shower head will be able to fit in your shower and the general plumbing setup of your bathroom. The last thing you want to do is to buy a standard or luxurious shower head that doesn’t fit the arms thread of your bathroom.

Let us look at more additional information you need to know about the shower heads. First, let us look at the different types of shower heads:

  • Wall mount shower head

These are the most common type of shower heads you will find in an average bathroom. They are mounted to the wall permanently by a half inch arm. These shower heads don’t have multiple spray patterns. You can adjust the angle of the shower and the normal flow of water has satisfied many customers over the years.

  • Top mount shower head

Also known as ceiling showers, these shower heads are usually attached to the ceiling and not the wall. They feel like rain dropping from the sky. The main problem with these types of showers is that they cannot be cleaned easily because they cannot be accessed easily, and it is also difficult to adjust the angle of the flow.

  • Adjustable shower heads

These luxurious shower heads provide multiple spray patterns for high-end spas. These shower heads have adjustable shower direction as well as adjustable stream speed.

  • Sliding Bar shower heads

These shower heads have attached sliding bars that are used to adjust their height. The sliding bar shower head is mainly used in houses that have family members with different heights

This shower head gives you the actual feel of raindrops when having your bath. They are generally flat and larger for better coverage. They are low-pressure shower heads that are able to reduce the pressure of water to give you the actual feeling of rain.

  • Handheld shower heads

Handheld shower heads  can work as both hand showers and wall-mounted shower heads. It is actually a wall-mount shower head that can be easily detached from its holding bracket. The shower head has a long hose that makes it easy to take a bath as it enables you to rinse those hard-to-reach places.

These shower heads are engineered specifically to conserve water. They have single or multiple spray patterns that provider pleasurable and effective bath you want to experience after a long day of hard work. They follow what is known as WaterSense norms and the flow of water doesn’t exceed 1.5 GMP

  • Fixed Shower heads

Fixed shower heads are fixed permanently to the faucet pipe on the wall. These are generally standard shower heads with either dual or single spray patterns.

  • Dual showerheads

This type of shower head comes with two shower heads. One is detachable and the other is fixed or both could be fixed at different places. The two shower heads are equipped with different sets of water flow, thus making it luxurious. The shower head splits the water into the two shower heads with the help of a diverter valve. The shower head can either be used together or separately

  • Filter shower head 

Similar to the drink water filter, there is filter shower head remain that clean your shower water whenever you are taking bath. Well, this sort of shower head effectively pure water and make it drink like that bring welfare for your skin and hair problem. There are few shower filters available in marts which offer different feature and functionality according to distinctive consumer demand.

  • Aerating shower head

These shower heads conserve water as they are low-pressure shower heads. In order to make the low water pressure powerful, the water stream is mixed with air. This technology is very popular and saves between 30-36% of water.

Spray patterns

  • Rain

Low-flow water from a large shower head flows as rain droplets at low pressure giving you the actual feeling of rain

  • Massage

This setting helps to produce high-pressure water, thus giving your body a massage-like experience

  • Full

The full spray setting uses all the nozzles to spray water

  • Jet

The shower head throws a concentrated stream of water with high pressure

  • Pause

This setting allows very little water with low pressure to flow from the shower head

Special features

You will also find shower heads with special features. For example, some have control facilities and temperature reading. Some shower heads have a Bluetooth audio speaker that plays music as you take your bath.

Some luxurious shower heads come with customizable shower patterns that allow users to create a shower stream. Other special features include LED lighting and jet body spray. Some shower heads have touch or digital controls.

Buyer Recommendation

All the products we have mentioned in this list are great. They help to conserve water and most of them produce a very powerful spray that will give you that perfect rinse. But one product that stood out among all the other products in this list is the high-pressure shower head by Aisoso.

One of the main advantages of this unit is that it is extremely affordable when compared to other units with similar features. First, it is easy to install this high-pressure shower head, and it is made for high-quality ABS material. Secondly, the 19 ABS nozzles increase the impact of water force to form high pressure.

It also has a build it 2.5 GPM removable flow restrictor, five functions controller, mesh filter, and an adjustable brass ball joint.  These are all great features that you will find in this shower head.

But that’s not the only great shower head on this list. We also have HotelSpa Ultra-luxury three-way rainfall shower head which is affordable and comes with a lifetime warranty. It also comes with two shower heads. One is handheld and the other is fixed. It gives you the spa-like feeling from the comfort of your home. Culligan WSH C125 is also a good unit that you should consider purchasing as it has many great features.


There are many shower heads available with many functions, awesome features, and beautiful design. However, you should not just be tempted to but a shower head because it looks beautiful or it has more features. You have to make sure that you are reasonable in your choice and only buy the best shower head. We have listed all the best shower heads that you should consider buying, including low-price shower hands and even double shower head models.

We do our best to research and find shower heads that will give you the ultimate bathing experience while helping you to save water as we understand that the government has implemented laws that require homeowners to conserve water. This will also help you save money on bills. You will find all this information in our shower head reviews.

We hope also hope that our buyer’s guide will help you to make an informed decision when looking for the best shower head. Good luck!

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