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How to dissolve hair in shower drain- Few useful trick

Hair in shower drain

It is very natural that shower drain often got clogged by hair and prevent the water go through it accurately. In such a situation, you become disturbed and suddenly thinking about plumber help. But no you don’t need a plumber if you know how to dissolve hair is shower drain that works suitably.

Although we have included 3 different ideas of dissolving hair from drain you can practice the one according to your convenience. Keep on with us for full precept.

How to dissolve hair from shower drain without plumber help

While in the mart numerous hard chemical available that can be used in dissolving purpose. But those are expensive and may lessen the longevity of your pipeline. Therefore, the plumber can do the work but in case you have not wanted to lose some extra penny, then why don’t you try to do it at yourself.  Since the necessary things are near to your hand so why you don’t make a try by following the step.

Step-1 Using a Coat Hanger

Coat Hanger

Do you know a coat hanger can do your plumber job? Yes, the way is much easy to operate with that anyone can do. So how to dissolve hair in shower drain by using coat hanger can be a question right. Well, take a coat hanger and made it straight.

Then curve it at the top point and go to your shower drain. Use a hand glove and open the jaw of your drain and located the hair position first. Next, use a light and put the hanger into the drain pipe and try to snatch the hair properly. It will work when you are able to see the hair at your eye.

Step- 2 Use of Plunger


When you have no coat hanger then you have to invest a little bit for dissolving the hair. In case, you need to buy a separate plunger that will suit your shower drain top. In addition, you can buy some petroleum jelly for a better result.

After collecting the plunger and petroleum jelly, similar to the step one open the drain cover. But unlike the step one have not put it into the drain pipe. Rather fit it at the drain cover with the help of petroleum jelly and start to push up until you got the hair. It works like a professional plumber job.

Step-3 Use Bleach


The bleach is such kind of power that is capable enough to dissolve the hair. Moreover, not only dissolve the hair but at the same time remove the bad smell that remains the shower place. For doing the work you can buy liquid or power any type of bleach as both are inexpensive.

Next, pour the bleach into the drain and wait for 15 to 30 minutes.  Then rinse with warm or hot water. This process will work but slower than the previous 2 processes. If it did not do work in the 1st time then repeated the process again after 7 days.

Final words

We have shown you the ways that are almost free of cost and quickly manageable. If you follow the step as we mention a top then you guess it will work. Instead of using heavy chemical using the home method is far better in every manner. As the harsh chemical able to work great but it will not good for your shower drain pipe longevity.

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