How to Clean a Shower Drain-6 Easy way

How to Clean a Shower Drain

Whenever you are in your shower to take bath and suddenly start noticing that the water can’t go through the shower drain properly. Rather the water comes back then the drain might get clogged and it would be the worst feeling ever. Consequently, at the exact moment, you begin to think that how to clean a shower drawn accurately.

This actually happens when you are not careful enough to take basic precautions or unaware of the fact. In spite of being careful, there are some other reasons for which the shower drain can get a block. Whatever the reason does not matter the thing is you have to solve it right? So we here to show you the right way that how to clean out a shower drain.

6 Ways to Clean Your Shower Drain Entirely

In our article, we are going to show you the natural alternative to unblock your shower drain. After reading the full piece of guidelines the question of how to clean a shower drain effectively diminishes from your mind enduringly. Let’s get a start.

1. Use of Hot Water

Many people do not know that how to unclog a shower drain and glass shower door with standing water. Although it is the easiest and resultant way to clean your shower drain. For this, simply take 2 liters or more or less water according to your need and put it into a cooker and start boiling until it got pure or adequately warm.

When the water begins boiling or got enough temper then take a pot and pour the water into it. In the next step normally start pours water carefully and slowly into the block shower drain. If your shower drains block for oil, shop, shampoo or some general elements then the way works wonderfully.

2.The Mixture of Vinegar and Baking Soda

If you are curious to know that how to clean a smelly shower drain without using harsh chemicals then this method is for you. The mixture of vinegar and baking soda not only removes the bad smell but at the same time efficiently cleans your drain.

To implement the method takes 1 cup of soda and pour it carefully into the shower drain. After that take 1 cup vinegar and also pour it up into the baking soda and let them work for 15 to 30 min. The mixtures create foam and when the foam begins to disappear that time floods little hot water into the drain. It works great in case of a smelly drain and also for the substance like oil, mildew, dirt and so on.

3. Using a Plunger

The next method is not from any general kitchen staff. It a plumber use device that can also be used by many unprofessional people. The plunger can be compared with the vacuum cleaner that able to snatch unwanted elements from your shower drain.

For applying this method the very first you have to buy a plunger that matches the size of your shower drain jaw. After buying a plunger open the drain cover and set it in the exact place and start to push up according. It will helpful for the substance like hair, or which can not dissolve.

4. The Mixture of Water and Salt

Another natural method from the kitchen is using salt and hot water together like baking soda and vinegar. It will work great in case of removing oil, shop, clog or dissolve things. For starting the process take half or 1 cup of the normal slat and 2 littler of hot water.

Next, bear the shower drain jaw and pour the full amount of the salt in your shower drain and wait for it to go down. Then pour the water down to drain slowly and correctly up to the slat that already exists there.  The mixture will work like magic and clean your drain dramatically.

5. Take a Hook for Cleaning

The use of the hook is an ancient method that many people aware of. It is a kind of technique which usually adopt when you can see the thing in the drain but can’t reach them through your hand. In order to clean the hair, fiber, nib, plastic, and mass like that.

Take a straight hook and curve it at the head and place it in the drain where the clog lies. Then try to take it out carefully with the existing clog. Actually, this method takes some time to catch the exact dirt from the drain but the system works finely.

6. Use of a Bottle Brush

The last and another fruitful way to clean your shower drain is a use of a normal bottle brush. For using this technique you need normal size (1 t0 1/4 inches) brushes that are general use for cleaning bottle dust. It will help in order to remove gunk, hair, dirt from the drain.

For starting the process firstly remover the shower drain cover and begin to pour warm, hot or normal water into it. Then take the brush and move it into the drain up and down right and left for getting out the actual object from the drain. This operation work slightly like the hook method means when you know the exact position of the clog.

Final words

All the method and technique we have mentioned above will work great in case of the normal situation as we have indicated. This is the alternative solution that saves your plumber bill and your cleanser price. We hope you got to know how to clean your shower drain correctly. But if your shower drain clog by any other thing besides our remark staff then you should go for plumber help.

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