How to clean fiberglass shower floor- an effective way

Fiberglass shower floor is now day gains popularity because of its eye-catching design and an outstanding appearance. In case, they offer such amazing bathroom setup for your home at the same time there have raised some difficulties.No not any feature, function or design issue.

The issue or question is how to clean fiberglass shower floor.  Yes if you have a bathroom that is decorated with fiberglass then you might face the problem. However, some people may find it easy to clean but other may face trouble.

By the way, we are here for those who actually looking for the best way to clean fiberglass shower floor. We have included some tips and cleaning process that are work wonderfully. Let’s have a look that how can you clean and maintain your shower floor.

Below are the 4 easy step How to clean fiberglass shower floor

 1. Baking soda as a cleaner

Baking Soda for clean fiberglass shower

You might get wonder by hearing the name of baking soda that how an eating product can become a cleanser. Well, baking soda owns some properties that are effective in cleanser purpose. For doing an amazing floor cleaning you can take some power baking soda and spread it within the shower floor.

Then spray some water over it and let them work for 30 minutes. After completing 30 minutes take a gentle sponge and clean it evenly and see the magic. All unwanted molt, a dirt, mildew will go without a heavy workout.

2. Use of vinegar


The second product is another kitchen object that also works great as a cleanser. It is easy to find at every ordinary home kitchen which is also reasonable in price. Therefore, Vinegar having a fine smells and at the same time cleanser virtue that made us presents it to you.

For cleaning your floor take an empty bolt and fill it with vinegar and water. Take ¾ cup of water and ½ cup vinegar and mix it equally. Then spray the mixture at the shower floor and let them settle for 15 to 20 minute. Then wash out with a sponge just like we say in baking soda section.

3. Soft bleach

The above two mention kitchen product will work great no doubt. In case your floor got a stubborn stain or mark then you can go for soft bleach. But be aware not uses any hard or heavy bleach because heavy bleach can ruin your fiberglass gradually.

Take a medium-size water pot and hot water but not too hot. Then mix the bleach and hot water and pour it into the floor and wait for 5 minutes. Then clean it with maximum water and wait for dry out. This process has the ability to clean your floor and make it shiny.

4. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda

We already mention about vinegar and baking soda separately but you can also use them together. This two individual thing make a great combination together and not only clean your fiberglass shower floor but at the same time remove bad smell.

Speared baking soda into the floor and spray vinegar over it. The mixture makes a foamy cleaner that very effectively cleans ticklish stain, mold, and mildew and many other things.

Some tips for maintaining your fiberglass shower floor

  • Try to clean your floor every day
  • Use the soft cleanser for longevity your fiberglass life
  • Avoid harsh cleanser
  • Use a soft sponge or soft cloth
  • Do not keep it wet all time

Final words

Cleaning shower floor and shower drain are very easy if you know the best way of clean it. Besides the maintenance tip also help you to make your floor durable, bad smell free and of course clean. A top we discuss the best way that how to clean fiberglass shower floor effectively. Hope if you follow that you will get effective results.

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