5 Best Way to Clean Glass Shower Doors

glass shower door

Cleaning a shower door especially a glass door is easy when you acknowledge the best way to clean glass shower doors. Although the glass shower door increases the beauty and modernity of shower space. But as say, every beautiful thing has some side effect or complication.

In the case of a glass shower door, the difficulties come when you have to clean your door. The spot of soap, wet hands, water, and other thing begin to make a glass door disgraceful day by day. Consequently, it starts looking weird and minimizes the beauty of your place and makes you sad and anxious. But don’t worry we are here to show you some effortless and excellent ways that work wonderfully for your glass door. Scroll down for details.

5 Best Ways to Clean Your Glass Shower Door

Since there are varieties of cleansers available in the market that work fine for cleaning purposes no doubt. But we here listed the 5 leading ways to clean your glass shower door properly at less expense. Let’s have a look one by one.

1. Pure Water and Salt Mixture

You might get wonder how pure water and normal salt from the kitchen can be the best way to clean the shower doors right? Well, it works not good but remarkable. Just make a try and for this take 1 empty general size bottle and fill it with pure water.

In the next step, add 4 tablespoon salts into the water and mixed it until the salt is dissolved. Then spray the mixture as your desire place of the shower glass and at the same time wipes it with the wet cloth. Continue the process until you got your longing result.

2. Use Distill Vinegar

Do you know how to clean shower doors with vinegar and how it works fantastically? You might don’t know vinegar is a kind of soft acid that is able to do much great work in cleaning objects. For erasing the spot of soap scam it works intensely.

For doing the job takes 1 cup of vinegar and hit it for 1 minute then mix 1 cup of hot water and blend them together in a bottle. When you are done mixing the liquid then start to spray it on your glass door and wait for 3 to 5 minutes. At last, wipe it with a hot wet cloth and see the magic.

3. Vinegar with Dishwasher

We already told you how vinegar works with water but in this step, we show you another way of using vinegar. When you add some dishwasher with white vinegar then it will not only clean your glass door but at the same time make it odor-free.

Take 1 cup of vinegar and ¾ cup of a soft dishwasher and mix them well until making a slightly foamy texture. Then like the 2nd way fills the mixture into a spray bolt and spray it on the glass door and wait for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes wipe the door with a wet cloth until the mixture has gone from the door permanently.

4. Vinegar with Baking Soda

The mixture of vinegar and baking soda is capable of making an intensive cleanser. It will clean your glass and make it crystal clear. Besides the mixture is able to kill germs, mildew, spot, and other things that remain on the glass door.

Take 1 cup of vinegar and 3 to 4 tablespoons baking soda and mix them into a small pot and make a husky paste. In the next step take a cloth and affix the mixture on it and apply it on the glass door and rub it gently. You begin to see how the spot disappears in a couple of minutes. After a full workout rinses the door with clean normal water.

5. Use Toothpaste

The last thing that works in glass door cleaning is toothpaste. Are you surprised that how toothpaste can clean a glass door? Well, it actually works for sure that you can make a try to see the result.

By the way, take any of the toothpaste that is white in color. Because while color toothpaste works well than any other color. Simply take the small amount of toothpaste onto a soft cloth and apply it to the glass and rub it gently. When you are done rinse out the door with warm water.

Final words

Actually, all the 5 ways that we have mentioned above can be assumed as the best way to clean glass shower doors. You can make a try at each of them separately and be sure if it actually worked or not. We can assure you that you will get an expected result if follow this guideline properly.

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