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Best Shower Filter Reviews: Choosing the Ultimate Shower Filter for Hard Water

If every time you bathe you walk out with an itchy skin, then you are probably using had to water. The same applies to dry skins and hair.

However, that a thing of the past now. The use of shower filter will amp your bathing experience and leave you with highly moisturized skin, healthy and shiny hair, and above all that a high-end bathing experience with no itch.

It is never a guarantee though that you will actually end up with the best shower filter for hard water that you need; thanks to the many brands that we now have gracing our markets today. It is because of this reason that we have prepared these reviews and buying guide to give you the pointers that you need to make the best choice.

Our post is therefore very ideal for you so that you make a great choice of shower head filter and that you get the best-personalized bathing experience too.

Read on to find out what we have prepared for you.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe

To start us off in our shower filter reviews is the rather stylish Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower/ Water Filter.

With this gadget, your hard water problems will have the perfect solution. You will enjoy showering in pristine water with all other unwanted compounds simply eliminated out of the way.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower/ Water Filter is well defined and is known to eliminate a lot of unwanted hard water impurities and components including chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, pesticides, herbicides, hydrogen sulfide, and many other highly volatile organic compounds that are pretty much harsh to your skin and hair.

The shower system’s main filter components are coconut shell carbon and the copper-zinc mixture.

And apart from reducing the rather harsh chlorine and more importantly, many other chemicals to soften your water, using this shower system much more consistently will actually leave you with a highly moisturized skin.

You and your loved ones will be able to breathe easy as the chemicals in your water system will have been eliminated and you will be left with high-quality air whenever you choose to your shower.

And to give you a personalized touch, this shower filter also comes with a premium massaging head with multiple massage settings.

Your water pressure won’t be interfered with and you will enjoy a unique flow design that makes your experience an extraordinary one.

This shower filter for hard water has one of the longest lifespans. It will last for over six months and give you up to 10,000 gallons of water. Thanks to its hard plastic construction.


  • Eliminates a lot of unwanted hard water impurities
  • Coconut shell carbon and the copper-zinc mix
  • Softens your water
  • Premium massaging head
  • Multiple massage settings
  • Up to 10,000 gallons of water


  • Doesn’t work with ¾ inch fittings
  • May last under six month with high use.

Boasting of a rather unique chrome finish, AquaBliss High Output Replaceable Multi-Stage Shower Filter with Cartridge is one of the best water purifiers that you will ever come across today.

The shower head filter is easy to install and boasts of a universal connection that allows it to work with all types of shower heads.

It will easily work with rain, fixed, and handheld showerheads and more importantly will also last longer irrespective of the heavy use.

And for an additional efficiency, the designers of this cartridge gave it a replaceable filter cartridge that you can easily change without having to use any tools.

Thanks to its multi-stage filtration system, you will easily get a unique blend of KDF 55, calcium sulfite and the activated carbon such that you will enjoy maximum filtration for both the hot and cold water.

And so like many other top-rated filters, this one also purifies your water by removing chlorine, bacteria, pesticides, and heavy metals including lead, mercury, nickel, and chromium.

Simply choose this durable best filter and reduce dry and itchy skin while at the same time boosting your hair’s health.


  • Unique chrome finish
  • Universal connection
  • Work with rain, fixed, and handheld showerheads
  • Replaceable filter cartridge
  • Kdf 55, calcium sulfite and the activated carbon
  • Reduce dry and itchy skin


  • Extremely light
High Output Luxury 6 Month Cartridge Shower Filter

And if you want something to inhibit the growth of scales, fungi, algae, and mold in your water, the High Output Luxury 6 Month Cartridge Shower Filter will give you exactly that and much more.

It will also relieve you of the flaky scalp, itchy skin, dry skins, dandruff, eczema, and more importantly, the many unhealthy chemicals that hard water often comes with especially chlorine, bacteria, pesticides, and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, nickel, and chromium.

Boasting of a high-end Oil-Rubbed Bronze, this shower head water filter uses the rather unique KDF 55 purification technology to easily eliminate heavy metals and compounded impurities from your water.

In fact, it has been proved to reduce chlorine concentrations in water to a tune of 90-95% so that you can enjoy fewer flare-ups and fresh showers every day.

And here is the best part. The High Output Luxury 6 Month Cartridge Shower Filter is easy to install and you don’t have to use any tools to do that.

It comes with a step-by-step instructions manual that you can use to bolt it onto any type of shower system that you might have at home. Thanks to its rather unique universal design system.

To get up to 12000 gallons of pure, safe, and soft water, we recommend the use of this dependable shower system any day.


  • Relieve you of the flaky scalp, itchy skin, dry skins
  • Unique KDF 55 purification technology
  • Reduce chlorine concentrations
  • 12000 gallons of pure, safe, and soft water


  • No warranty
AquaBliss SF300

Do you experience itchy skin every time you take a shower? The AquaBliss SF300 Multi-Stage High Output Shower Head Filter is the best filter to save your day.

It is the best filter for hair and skin and comes with a patented system that will allow you to enjoy a shinier glow to your hair, supple skin, and more importantly, some of the strongest nails to go with.

Apart from its unique and stylish chrome finish, AQUABLISS is highly dependable and has been found to instantly block chlorine, heavy metals including lead, mercury, nickel, and chromium, bacteria, and highly volatile pesticides.

It is good for inhibiting the growth of algae, scale, fungi, and mold from actually getting in touch with your body.

So if you want a bye to your itchy skin, dandruff, and eczema it is time to use this rather improved best showerhead filter that comes with no-leaks upgraded seals and enjoys the high-end KDF55 filter technology.

It also has a sediment filter that’s easy to access and a bonus shower filter adapter that leaves it with a truly high-end universal fit.

It works with all types of showerheads and you can easily fix it on the fixed, rain, and handheld systems with zero tools.


  • Stylish chrome finish
  • Instantly block chlorine, heavy metals
  • Inhibiting the growth of algae, scale, fungi and mold
  • High-end kdf55 filter technology
  • Sediment filter
  • Bonus shower filter adapter
  • Works with all types of showerheads


  • Can’t recycle cartridge
Aquasana Deluxe Shower

Another best filter for chlorine is the Aquasana Deluxe Shower Head Water Filter System. It enjoys some of the best reviews and equally feedbacks from its previous users across many websites.

This shower filter has the simplest technology but very high efficiency. It used the coconut shell carbon and copper-zinc mix to effectively soften your water by reducing chlorine, mercury, lead, hydrogen sulfide, iron, herbicides, and pesticides.

It is also known to eliminate many volatile organic compounds to give your sensitive skin a gentle touch with healthy hairs.

One thing that this filter also takes the trophy home for is the provision of better quality air when you shower.

More importantly, the Aquasana's up-flow system design and the dual-stage filtration also works with most of 2.5 GPM shower heads so that you keep your consumption rate down while still enjoying your favorite shower head.

So go up to 10,000 gallons of purified water without changing your filter and enjoy a six month freshwater period before making the zero-tools replacements for your next generation water filtration system.


  • Coconut shell carbon and copper-zinc mix
  • Eliminate many volatile organic compounds
  • Better quality air
  • Aquasana's up-flow system
  • Dual-stage filtration
  • Works with most of 2.5 GPM shower heads
  • 10,000 gallons of purified water


  • Has no replaceable cartridges
Filtered Hand Held Shower Head Filtration

Hailed as the best shower filter for hair loss, the Filtered Hand Held Best Showerhead Filtration System is not only unique in design but is also one of the easiest shower water filter systems to use on handheld designs.

It comes with the Bioactive Mineral Stone that is known to boost water purification easily and quickly eliminate many other impurities including the heavy metal deposits of lead, mercury, nickel, and chromium.

And like we mentioned up here, it has an improved cleansing effect on the skin that will keep your skin highly rejuvenated and awesome hair loss prevention technology.

More importantly, it is known to removes over 98% of chlorine. And will easily integrate with all the shower systems that you may actually have including rainfall, massage, and jetting systems.

The 3 layers of high-end filters in this showerhead will help you to achieve up to 12000 gallons of water within six months.

And thanks to this system’s water saving feature (the micronozzle technology) you will be able to control your water rate consumption with as much as 30%.

Choose this strong showerhead water filter system with a stainless steel head panel and enjoy the lasting filtration efficiency from its Laser Perforated Technology. Get a 0.25Mpa spa shower touch in your bathrooms today.


  • Bioactive mineral stone
  • Cleansing effect on the skin
  • 3 layers of high-end filters
  • 12000 gallons
  • 30% water saving touch
  • 25mpa spa shower touch
  • Stainless steel head panel


  • No multi-filtering technology
Culligan ISH-100 Inline

The best thing about the Culligan ISH-100 Inline Shower Head Water Filter is that it comes with an inline design and can be easily used with an existing shower filter.

It fits in ½ inch threaded shower head filtration systems and therefore will easily work with almost all types of systems including the rainfall, massage, and jetting shower systems in any bathroom model.

The most important thing, however, is the fact that this best showerhead filter will actually filter up to 10000 gallons of water within a period of six months. This makes up for a high level of efficiency always.

Nonetheless, its WHR-140 filter cartridge is good at eliminating sulfur odor, chlorine, heavy metals, and scale and thus giving your water a softer touch and your skin and hair one of the healthiest thrills.

In case you want a water filtration system that will limit the passage and growth of bacteria this shower filtration system is your best option. It offers a fully customized filter media bacteriostatic technology for this.

More importantly, it will do you so much good to learn that the system is actually tested and proven to meet all the required functionalities such that you can fully depend on it to give you the best results too.


  • ½ Inch threaded shower
  • Easily work with almost all types of systems
  • Filter up to 10000 gallons
  • Whr-140 filter cartridge
  • Water a softer touch
  • Limit the passage and growth of bacteria
  • Customized filter media bacteriostatic technology


  • Slightly heavy in design
Culligan WSH-C125

Another best filter for chlorine that you can easily fit in your bathroom is the Culligan WSH-C125 Wall Mounted Shower Head Water Filter.

This Wall-Mounted shower head water filtration system meets the EPA Water Sense certification standards and therefore works with a maximum of 2.0 gallons per minute flow rate or less depending on how you set it up.

Even better, it comes with an anti-clog rubberized spraying nozzle that will offer up to five spray settings and leave you with an ultimate added comfort when under your shower system too.

And like many other top-rated shower filters that we have seen in this review, this system also comes with an easy-to-install and fix shower head and filter system that doesn’t even require you to have any type of tool.

Nonetheless, the zero tool installation is just but a tip of the iceberg, the real deal is this: upon buying this shower head water filtration system, you will get to enjoy a WHR-140 filter cartridge system that’s good for eliminating sulfur odor, chlorine, fungi, and scales.

Use this system on any ½ inch threaded shower arm and enjoy up to 10,000 gallons of purified water for up to 6 months and a softer, cleaner, and healthier skin and hair.


  • Epa water sense certification
  • Maximum of 2.0 gallons per minute
  • Wall-mounted shower head
  • Anti-clog rubberized spraying nozzles
  • Easy-to-install and fix
  • Whr-140 filter cartridge system
  • Up to 10,000 gallons of purified water


  • Fixed mounting – less flexibility
Pelican Water PSF-1 3-Stage Premium Shower Filter

The reason why we have included the Pelican PSF-1 3-Stage Premium Shower Filtration System in our top ten best shower filter for hard water reviews is that it is highly efficient and has one of the most convenient designs that you will ever find.

While this best shower head filter is designed to soften your water, it is known to only filter the most commonly occurring chemicals and more specifically chlorine, other chloramines, and the major chemical contaminants.

The benefits of the Pelican PSF-1 3-Stage filter are to the skin and hair. It is known highly increase the softness on the skin, reduce dryness and flakiness, and to rejuvenate the healthy touch of rather drying hair.

It also eliminates many unpleasant odors including that of sulfur from your water and thus leaves you with a fresh feeling when bathing.

Apart from that, its white color and hard plastic construction have a good neutral edge that will ensure that this easy to install best showerhead filter system actually blends in so well with your bathroom’s theme, color tone, and also design.

And don’t worry about your water pressure. Irrespective of what your flow rate is this filter will basically maintain the shower’s pressure and leave you with a very consistent water flow rate at any time of the day when you bathe.


  • 3-Stage filter
  • Eliminates many unpleasant odors
  • Blends in so well with your bathroom’s theme
  • Hard plastic construction
  • Maintain the shower’s pressure


  • No chrome finish

Finally, to wrap all these up is the Sprite HO2-WH-M 3 Setting Universal Shower Head Filter. This rather unique and simple shower head water filter has been hailed around many quarters as the best shower filter for chlorine.

Indeed our tests prove just as much since we found out that after testing, over 99% chlorine, chloramines, and other natural water contaminants were also eliminated from our water leaving it to feel really fresh.

Because of this, the Sprite HO2-WH-M 3 Setting Universal Filter also proves to be a reliable water filtration system to go with. It will leave you with softer hair and highly moisturized skin thus eliminating itchy skin, dandruff, acne, and eczema.

However, the one thing that every buyer should understand and eventually fall in love with from this filter is its high capacity filtration system that includes a high end massaging touch that you can always rely on.

The massaging shower head comes with a reversible filter cartridge that amps its performance and ensures that you also get a dependable HOC model for your needs around the home.

Therefore if you want to breathe easy, healthier, and better, you can always rely on this easy to install shower filtration system that will ensure that you get softer water with a filtration design that easily blends in your home.


  • Eliminates 99% chlorine, chloramines
  • reliable water filtration system
  • softer hair and highly moisturized skin
  • dependable HOC model
  • reversible filter cartridge
  • softer water


  • No inclusive anti-clogging shower head

Best Shower Filter for Hard Water Buying Tips

You have probably made up your mind by now that you need the best shower filter for hard water in your home. If that’s the case, you can actually pick any of the top-rated designs that we have reviewed for you. However, to make a much more informed judgment we give you these buying tips to help.


Depending on how much water your household uses, you may need to get a shower head filter that will satisfy all your needs. Typically the best showerhead water filters are designed to purify up to 12000 gallons of water within six months before you can replace a cartridge, but you will find that if your consumption rate is on the high it could take a shorter time and vice versa.


How well does the shower head water filter that you have chosen integrate with your personal plumbing fittings? This is very important and will determine how efficiently the filtration system will work for you.

You will realize that there are some which are customized to work with ¾ inch fittings. However, the standard measurements are often the ½ inch models and thinking within this line will help you more.


Well, everyone who installs a premium water filtration system on their line will want to use soft water. However, not all filtration systems are designed to eliminate all contaminants or give you all-around benefits.

We suggest looking for a system that will actually filter all the impurities including chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, and heavy metal deposits including nickel and lead among other options.

Remember, you also need highly moisturized skin tone with no itch or any threat of eczema at all.

Here is the difference. KDF 55 purification systems will remove all contaminants and more specifically heavy metals. Coconut shell carbon and copper-zinc mix will also work for both with more focus on chlorine.

Water Sense

EPA’s water sense certification is also important. You don’t want a filtration system that interferes with your flow rate or which leads to so much water waste. Because of this, it is important that you look for systems that integrate without a hitch and also the ones that will help you to save water.

Easy Installation

It is hectic choosing the best shower filter. Why should you go through the same agony with your installation process? Easy installation is the secret, we suggest going with the zero-tools experience. Simply twist and fix!


Which is the Best Filtration System?

All filtration systems are good. This is because the choice you make usually depends on the type of water that you are using and the kind of impurities that you need to eliminate. Nonetheless going with the Multi-stage filtration of KDF 55, calcium sulfite and also activated carbon will ensure that you get a maximum filtration.

Can I Use a Cartridge for Over 6 Months?

That depends on the type of cartridge that you choose. We have quite a number that will go for up to 1 year before they are replaced. Even so, if you have a 6-month cartridge, you might find that the performance has gone really down if you extend its use.

What Factors Will Determine the Type of the Shower Filter I Choose?

There are quite a number of factors that will come into play. We have seen the ones that touch on the filtration device. Now here are the personal factors.

  • Size of Household: Larger household will mean more replacement cartridges.
  • Types of Fittings: Whether ½ inch fittings or not you need a design that fits in.
  • Personal Themes: This will determine design and style (hard plastic, color, or Chrome).
  • Shower Preference: Fixed, rain, or handheld you need something that integrates well.
  • Skin Sensitivity: What health problem do you want to address? (Eczema, acne, itchiness).

What is the Recommended EPA Flow Rates?

EPA Water Sense certification demands that a maximum 2.0 gallons per minute of water or less should be the flow rate that any ideal showerhead or showerhead filter should support at any given time.

Apart from Chlorine What Other Contaminants Should I Eliminate?

You should look at eliminating heavy metal contaminants such as lead, mercury, iron, and nickel. Hydrogen sulfide, pesticides, and herbicides also give your water the nasty odor that has kept you wondering for long and will do so much good if eliminated.

Additional Tips

The best shower filter will also help you to prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria, and mold. Because of this, it is very important that you have it installed in your home. And to make sure that it performs efficiently; following the user manual while installing or replacing cartridges will be very important.

You can also choose other additional touches such as premium massaging shower heads, anti-clog rubber spray nozzles, and controlled flow rates for a maximum thrill when you hit the shower.


Now that you have it all laid out for you. We hope that you can easily pick your best shower head filter without necessarily spending so much. You can also asses your needs so that you find a filter that actually addresses them directly.

By the end of the day, what we want to make sure is that you have a comfortable experience in your home and that you are always willing to step in that shower. In any case, nothing refreshes like a great shower after a long day in the office.

Start right away by picking any top-rated design from our reviews today!