Speakman S-2252 Signature Brass Icon Anystream Thoroughly Review

speakman s-2252 review

People often looking for a high-pressure shower head that relaxing them after a full day of tiredness. In fact, a low-pressure water line can be another reason which emphasis getting the high-pressure shower’s faucet. Actually, whatever your reason no matter at all as this Speakman s-2252 high-pressure shower review will fit magnificently in every position.

Since this build in modern style with immediate technology that offers you excellent feature and property.  However, through the below analysis of the particular model, you will understand for which reason you need this special shower head for your modern apartment. Let get start.

Speakman S-2252 Signature Brass Icon Anystream High-Pressure Adjustable Shower Head, Polished Chrome

Speakman is a name of a leading brand that offers distinctive shower heads for their diverse sort of customers. With said the selected model is from their famous signature series which nickname is Speakman S-2252 signature brass icon. Signature series have numerous models that build from individual purposes. Anyhow before elaborate first see the highlighted feature.

The Highlighted Feature at a Glimpse

  • Roll in with 6 plungers framework
  • Adjustable 48 powerful spray
  • Can be rotated into a 360 degree
  • Reliable brass fabrication
  • Be convenient with a self-cleaning nozzle


speakman s-2252 review

The first thing that made this shower head is so appealing is its solid brass traditional design.  It maintains a perfect balance between luxury and classic patterns that arrive in numerous excellent colors similar to Speakman s-2251. As for the particular model is coated with polished chrome that qualified for any modern bathroom layout.

6 plungers setting

Whereas Speakman s-2005 offers 5 plungers setting along with heavy and rainy water flow and Speakman s-2251 offer 8 plungers in cases this one offers 6 plungers setting. But unlike-2005 it does not bear a rainy water feature rather offers heavy water pressure for unlimited water supply no matter the line water supply flow is. Likewise, the plunger allows you to adjust the water spray according to your urgency.

Water flow rate

Looking forward to the water flow rate the showerhead might able to win your heart. Yes, it produces 2.5 gallons of water per minute which is more than enough for taking a powerful shower. Although we include a 2.5-gallon setting they have another gallon option from which you can take as per your need. Besides, it has 45 individual water sprays that are fully customizable between intense, rain and flood.

Anystream 360 degrees high-tech

Aside from the customizable water spray and high-pressure water flow rate the rotated technology of the showerhead add another convenience. This means you can rotate your shower head over 360 degrees in any position for your enjoyment and suitability.

Self-cleaning advantage

Like Speakman s-2251 this one also offers the self-cleaning feature. This attractive feature of the model arrived in a self-cleaning nozzle that further assists with hard- water resistance mechanism. These functions allow the showerhead to fight against mold, sediment, dust, and other unwanted dirt. In fact, for this feature, a user does not have to maintain it frequently likes many other shower heads require.


At the point of durability, Speakman S-2252 can beat the other model in the price range. Many consumers claim the durability of the showerhead is one of the best qualities that makes it worthy to take without any condition.

Size and weight

Similar to the whole feature and functionally the size and weight of the model are also fantastic. The overall dimension of the showerhead is 4×2.8×4 inches which neither too short nor too big. Moreover, the weight of the device is 8.8 ounces which we guess slightly heavy than others. 


  • Multiple color option
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Metal construction
  • Budget-friendly
  • Perfect for heavy water pressure


  • Self-cleaning feature cant able to clean heavy mineral
  • Bit weighty

Final words

Now do keep in mind that different shower head is built-in for a different reason. Meantime the mentioned model especially builds in for heavy water pressure. If your concern is a powerful shower then undoubtedly this one meets your level. Hope you got our point and able to distinguish the shower head properly.

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