Latest Best Shower Curtain Liner-Precise Pick and Guideline

Shower curtain liner is obvious stuff for those who don’t like damp floor even after their immediate shower hours. Since it works like a water barrier that reduces waterfall in the floor in a fruitful way. Even also work against unnecessary foggy creation that usually you notice on your shower mirror just after hot water shower.

In those circumstances, you can blissfully consider shower curtain liners that assist you to sort out your problem. In case you feel difficulties in choosing the perfect one then our latest best shower curtain liner list definitely helps you in your way.

But if you are in hurry and don’t have time to sort out between many options. Then can take our editor choice curtain liners without any second thought from skip here to direct at the shopBy the way, if you have time let’s explore remain ten liners on the below list.

Our pick 10 best shower curtain liner reviews

After eliminated multiple options we able to stand out with these ten curtain liners that are rich in quality and design. These shower curtain liners not only add convenience rather increasing the architect beauty of your bathroom. However, in order to make this list, we have to spend more than 72 hours on deep research. So without further disquisition gets through the original motive.

1. LiBa Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial PEVA 8G Shower Curtain Liner

LiBa Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial PEVA 8G Shower Curtain Liner

The very first model we have caught from the super popular and deserving brand namely LiBa that product an amazing curtain liner. It offers a fantastic price level with all features that a curtain liner should bear.

However, it is made of non-toxic, chlorine free and eco-friendly PEVA material that further having mild resistance technology. This liner appeared in white and foster color which gives it a very classic look. Besides the 72×72 inches, ideal size is able to fit any standard bathroom layout.

In addition, the brands included rust resistance grommets that keep it damage free from humidity and formed it safe and durable.

No material of the product is lower quality, means all are imported material that is proudly made of USA. This is one of the best shower liners to prevent mildew on our list.


  • Anti-bacteria and mold resistance
  • No question asked money back policy
  • Grommets and magnets are included with the liners


  • No other color and size option available

2. Kimberly-Carr Home Designs’ THE SHOWER CURTAIN LINER PVC-Free

Kimberly-Carr Home Designs'

When you desire hotel standard curtain liners for your own residence then the selected model is for you. We have taken this from another famous brand known as Kimberly-Carr Home design which is slightly pricey compared with the previous one.

Unlike the LiBa this one comes with standard, extra-long and stalls three different size options which are also free from Cheap PVC fabric. It is formattedwith 100% polyester and eco-friendly substance which arrived in a transparent color.

Therefore the rust resistance and innovative non-corrosive weighted hem help to keep your curtain in exact place. Besides capable of flight against mild attack and allow you to wash it whenever you want.

It is the signature curtain liners from the mentioned brand that comes with non-toxic, chemical free, recyclable high-quality material that can be undoubtedly called best shower curtain material.


  • Offer a money back policy( if you are not satisfied with limited time offer)
  • Allow machine wash
  • Different size option


  • Not able to resist mold completely

3. mDesign – 2 Pack – Waterproof

mDesign - 2 Pack

We have tried to acknowledge you with a distinctive shower curtain so that you could understand the difference. With said the next model we have chosen from mDesing brand that made in two pack design with ultimate water proof hi-tech.

Although the previous two models also having water proof technology but unlike them, offers a maximum color option to choose from. Likewise, use heavy duty PEVE construction that makes it non-toxic, eco-friendly and keeps it absolutely Oder free.

In case, you are concern about the mild and bacteria attract then again this inexpensive curtain own your heart. Since the liners blunt cut sides and bottom design make it free from mold and mildew attacks and at the same time keep it germ-free and healthy.

Actually the mDesign 2 pack curtain liners will be best suited with those who want ideal product within tight budget.


  • Unique two pack design
  • Waterproof and mold and mildew resistance
  • Easily can be clean with just damp cloth


  • The grommet is not made of metal

4. Kent & West – PEVA Shower Curtain Liner 

Kent West PEVA Shower Curtain Liner

The 4th curtain liners on our list offer average price tag but convey outstanding feature and quality. It is from Kent and West brand that appeared in one single size and clear color. It bears some unique feature rather than other on our list.

Similar to the Liba curtain it made in the USA by PVC or polyvinyl chloride-free material. The manufacturer uses PEVE fabric as an alternative concrete which further free of chlorine and unsafe substance. Means it is safe in use.

The most noticeable feature of the liners is its bottom magnets layout which able the lines fixed on a place. Once more the buildup technology of the liners prevents bacteria and mold build-up and keeps it clean and hygienic.

Actually, we put this on our list for those who are looking for the best shower curtain liner with magnets.


  • Durable 9 gauge mechanism
  • Made in USA
  • Unique bottom magnet feature


  • No color and size option available

5. EpicaMarketEpica Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner

EpicaMarketEpica Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner

If you are not satisfied with Kent and West curtain liners and want almost same feature but more budget-friendly option then this will be an absolute choice for you. As there are a lot of similarities remain between two but this one is much inexpensive.

In spite of less in price competitively other, it constructed with PVC free material. Even build in mold and mild resistance material which is further allergy free. In fact, the liners come with the assurance that it absolutely prevent mold, mildew and bacteria attacks for up to 24 months.

However, this one does not include a magnet to fix it on place rather constructed with heavy duty Vinyl which naturally stays in place.

This is one of the best-weighted shower curtain liners which don’t use the magnet to keep it on a place. And it is kids and pet-friendly.


  • Nylon mesh upper makes it durable
  • Perfect for allergy suffers
  • Can be clean easily by wiping


  • The Vinyl is not eco-friendly substance

6. ​N&Y HOME Extra Wide Shower Curtain Liner Fabric

NY HOME Extra Wide Shower Curtain Liner Fabric

Although we put this N&Y home product on the 6th position it does not mean it less in quality. Well, this particular model not only high in fabric quality but also convey some unique feature that the above 5 on our list.

Yes, it is made of 100% premium polyester fabric which comes in one single 108×72 inch size along with two white and white diamond colors. Therefore, the material is eco-friendly and safe in use that again prevent mildew and bacteria grow up.

In addition, you can easily clean it in your machine as it allows you to do so. Likewise, take very small time to raise and dry out.

This curtain liner carries super-size and material which is free from PVC and VINYL smell means a very healthy option for your home.


  • Antibacterial property
  • Wide size design
  • Comes with 18 rustproof grommets setup


  • Not 100% waterproof capacity

7. DeLaine’s Frosted Shower Curtain Liner 

DeLaines Frosted Shower Curtain Liner

The 7th number curtain liners are especially for those who are concern about healthy and waterproof liners for their bathroom. In case PEVE constructed liners is the best choice.

With said, this selected model is made of 100% PEVA material which having non-toxic and chemical free substance. On the other hand, is capable of fighting against mold and mildew and it is naturally waterproof.

Apart from that, coated with elegant white color and comes with 72×72 inches stander size. As well as, the rust resistance metal grommet give it long-lasting durability.

Well, this curtain liner is formed with PEVE that has no chemical and bad odor problem.


  • Very soft in use
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Can  be washed and dry with machine


  • Some complaint against the mildew attract frequently

8. Inter Design Mildew-Free EVA 5.5 Gauge Shower Curtain Liner

InterDesign Mildew

The next model is from Inter design brands that are notorious for making a home, kitchen and bathroom appliance. As for the mentioned model, it offers a budget-friendly option with enough good features.

It is made of 100%EVA construction which has a property that naturally fights against mold and mildew grown up. Likewise, the included grommet readily fit with place means provide easy installation.

Moreover, unlike few others on our list offer different color and size option so that you can take according to your taste and size measure.

This inexpensive shower curtain hasa quality that is free of any harmful material.


  • Unconditionally PVC free
  • Many color and size option
  • Easy to maintenance


  • Some complaint  it is not weighted enough to fix on the place
  • List Element
  • List Element

9. Croscill Fabric Shower Curtain Liner

Croscill Fabric Shower Curtain Liner

The next liner is from Croscill brands that made this finest liner and keep the price reasonable for all sort of user. By the way, it is not PEVE construction like many others on our list.

However, it is made of 100% polyester fabric which allows the user to wash it with a machine and iron it with cool temperature if needed. But a user should concern about the use of bleach as the liners not allow bleach wash.

As for design the liner flawlessly furnished with white and linen color and measures 70 by 72inches.

The mention model suited with those who do not like a clear curtain and want something that can wash by machine.


  • Imported polyester material
  • Allow machine wash
  • Comes with a weighted plastic hem


  • Not a mold and mildew resistance liners

10. Amazon Basics Heavyweight Clear Shower Curtain Liner 

AmazonBasics Heavyweight Clear Shower Curtain Liner

The last but not the least curtain liners on our list are from Amozonbasics. It is another budget-friendly option that provides the longevity of your shower curtain.

Basically, it is made of vinyl like Kent &west liners on this list to prevent mildew and mold invasion on the curtain. The company designs the liners with heavyweight vinyl, in order to keep it in a place.

Therefore comes under clear color so easily can fit with any bathroom layout. In addition, included 12 rust-proof metal grommets maintain the lines perfectly.

Actually, we put this on the list so that you can understand the difference between finest and fine product.


  • Include rust resistance grommets
  • Budget-friendly
  • Fit with stander shower curtain


  • Vinyl is not eco-friendly material

The thing to consider before buying a shower curtain liners (Buying Guide)

More or less we have presented well deserved and finest curtain liners on the list that undoubtedly recognized as the best shower curtain liner. But there are always some fact remain which one should carefully consider before layout for shopping. Let’s discover the facts.


The very first thing about the curtain liners is its construction material. The material is the core thing for determining the liners quality, durability, price and many other aspects. Different liners are made of different material such as PEVE, Nylon, and polyester, EVA, PVC, Vinyl and few more.

Among form them PEVE, EVA and polyester consider as a high-quality material that carries eco-friendly and recycles substance. So it is curial before layout for shopping find out which material liners you want to buy.

Waterproof or not

Another important factor of a lineris it waterproofs capability. Since curtain liners use as a cover of the curtain so it is effective the stuff has the waterproof proportions. But this matter depends on the consumer perspective as he/she want waterproof liners or not.

The weight of curtain liners 

Distinctive curtain liners come with different weight measurement, for example, some come with a magnet or other may arrive in a weighted fabric. But you should consider liners according to your shower curtain rod capacity.

Because if your shower rod is not able to bear the weight then there is a possibility you fall into trouble. So it is wise decision buy a best shower curtain rod before selecting the curtain liners. Or find out the existence shower rod capacity before choose liners.

Mold or mildew resistance efficiency 

A bathroom is a wet place where the mold and mildew grow up very easily. Meantime when you selected your curtain liners you should know about the liner mold and mild resistance efficiency. It assists the liners long lasting durability and also keeps it healthy in use.

Final words

Overall you cannot deny the usefulness of curtain liners for your shower place. In case we hope our presented ten best shower curtain liners will meet your expectation level. Since most of them are rich in quality and finest in appearance that able to provide the highest performance.

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