7 Best Shower Radios for Enjoying Your Shower Time

Enjoying your shower moment with a radio beat is a fascinating idea. Since the shower is a place where people go for exiling their all-day tiredness or for starting their day with a fresh feeling. No matter, what time of the day you want to enjoy your shower; the best shower radio has always ready to give you entertainment.

Consequently, we have made a list of digital shower radios for people who want to enjoy a great shower experience.

Our Pick 7 Best Shower Radios Catalog

After research on different shower radio and their positive and negative feature we able to present the right choice for you. Eventually, this is a list which we can say the best shower radio arrangement.

Although added first rated shower radio but for more convenience included buying guide and frequently asked question segment. In order to teach you what you have to think before your final approach. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with our first pick.

1.Sangean H201 Portable AM/FM/Weather Alert

Sangean Portable Weather Digital Waterproof

We have started our listing with the top shower radio manufacturer namely Sangean. They are one of the leading brands who made the finest shower radio for their worldwide consumer. Among their collection, our selected Sangean H201 is one of the best Sangean shower radio that has impressive design and feature.

However, at the point of details, it can be regarded as the best waterproof radio that has built in both AM/FM antennas.  Besides the appearance of the model is just like the traditional radio which has led light and digital tuning.  This digital feature allows you to scan up to 10 stations at a time.

Moreover, it has a 2w speaker and big LCD display that add another quality and make the user easy to operate with it. In addition, the radio has bracket and hanger that allow you to install it within your bathroom comfortable place. Plus it has current time, power level, and volume up and down button, timer setting, battery level indicator, and few more ingenious features.

The matter which compels us to put this on first place on our list is the total configuration that makes it a complete package. Although is an expensive option out of so many but really worthy of this price.


  • Having emergency buzzer
  • Actual versatile radio
  • Excellent durable construction
  • Easy to install


  • Slightly big in size ( might create a problem in portability)
  • Bit expensive

2.Shower Speaker, Auto Tech Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, FM Shower Radio

Auto Tech Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

The second number model is for those who are not pleased with the first one. Clearly speaking when you are want something small and budget-friendly but at the same time qualitative product. Then this Auto Tech shower radio with Bluetooth speaker is for you.

Well, in spite of small structure this radio is powerful enough that having overall all needed feature. It has FM radio, super bass, and HD sound quality, 6 colors LED mood light display, wireless range, hand free calling technology and so on. Besides has waterproof silicon material which is further certified by IPX7.

In case of placing the radio at right places the radio bear suction cup that able a user to binding it in their desired place. Behind everything, the device has 30ft Bluetooth range and rechargeable 8-hour battery life which take to this radio in another great level.

Unlike Sangean H201 this one is small in size and weight so you can carry it with you in any place. For example, take it at the beach, pool, kitchen, bathroom, and any indoor and outdoor area.


  • Portable size
  • Budget-friendly
  • Changeable color display
  • Excellent range Bluetooth speaker


  • Not has AM antenna
  • It is not able to save any station

3. Sony ICF-S80 Splash Proof Shower Radio with Speaker

Sony ICF-S80 Splash Proof Shower Radio with Speaker

The next model we have taken from super famous brands which are familiar for making maximum sort of electronic appliance. The name of the particular brands is Sony and our selected shower radio nickname is Sony ICF-S80. It is another excellent radio that carries many outstanding features.

Similar to the Sangean H201 the Sony ICF-S80 has both AF/FM radio antennas. This arrives in a classic white color coating that has splash proof material for fight against water attack. The sound quality is also good which able to cover your shower area graciously.

Once more the radio carries detachable rubber strap that allows the user to hang it any suitable place. Likewise, the batteries life of the model is great that offer 100 hour running time and has auto power off setup.  Plus here you can save your favored 5 stations and enjoy them in any place you want.

There is no exceptional feature in this Sony ICH-S80 radio likes our previous listed two models. It is an everyday used type radio that comes with a 5 preset button and maximum battery life.


  • Ideal for shower and gym use
  • Comes with the clock feature
  • Both AM/FM antennal
  • Long-lasting durability


  • Expensive if compare with the included feature
  • Sound not able to cover a big area

4. Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Shower Radio – HB Illumination

Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Shower Radio  HB Illumination

As for the 4th number place we have chosen Hydro-Beat brand’s Bluetooth shower radio that has numerous magnificent qualities. Although it looks quite same with our 2nd model Auto Tech Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker but both are different in name, price and so on.

The most noticeable feature of the particular model is its waterproof technology which is further certified by the IPX7. These mean if you put this radio in water for 30 minutes, in spite of that it will work and provide great sound. In fact, not only waterproof but at the same time shockproof and dustproof that generally designs for swimming, hiking, fishing, and many other activities.

At the point of radio feature, it builds in FM radio that offers Bluetooth speaker and has 10 led moods light. The range of the speaker is 24ft that will easily cover any medium size area. Even well there is a feature like MIC which able you to caught call.

This is a versatile used device that allows so many activated in a single product. As well as price is much reasonable so anyone can surely make a try of it.


  • Suction cup for easy placement
  • Varied led color mood
  • Both for indoor and outdoor use
  • High volume output


  • Not has AM antennas
  • Battery life is a maximum of 8 hour

5.Hromen Bluetooth Shower Speaker IPX7 Waterproof Bathroom Speakers

Hromen Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Another best Bluetooth shower radio we have chosen from Hromen that are unique in design and rich in feature and quality. The radio is built up in such a way that gives it coolest appearance and look like a light in the dark with fancy. Likewise has an LCD display and backlight that clearly show you a clock, radio station, volume up down button and other related feature. Comes with two generation setup where we took 1st gen and another is a 2nd gen.

In the case of radio function, it has FM radio setup where you can save up to 30 stations at a time and hear them according to your mood and taste. The sound quality is so good that can be maxed up to 15 degrees. Besides the radio function, you can also pick up your phone call if your phone is in the device setup.

Similar to the Auto Tech and Hydro-Beat, this one also a waterproof device and certified by IPX8. Plus, the battery life of the model is 2600mAh and will run for sure 6 to 8 hour without any difficulties. And for placement has a detachable suction cup which works fine on any glass base flat surface.

This is one of the most eye-catching design our list. It has all the features that a device like a shower radio should have. In fact, a budget-friendly option that really worth to take.


  • Radio and clock in one device
  • Can save 30 favorite station
  • Allow phone call take
  • Can change the Bluetooth mood to normal mood


  • Battery life is low compared to other
  • Time does not show when you are in FM mode

6.iFox iF013 Bluetooth Shower Speaker – 100% Waterproof Shower Radio.

iFox iF013 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

The 6th number product is from iFoxcreations and the surname of the device is iF013 Bluetooth shower speaker. Yes, it another Bluetooth speaker that has radio function along with other great feature and function of everyday needed thing.

The device offers super clear, loud, and powerful 5w speaker which make you happy no matter where you want to enjoy it. In the case of radio setup, it has FM reception that allows you to access the part without any problem. Besides, 100% waterproof so doesn’t need to worry about using it in any wet place.

Looking forward to the placement system this radio has a stable suction cup that lets you stalk in shower walls, poolside, car windows, kitchen wall, desktop and many other that type surface. And for your mood changing this device has an optional LED display that can be changed according to your mood and need.

Actually, we put this on our list for those who want shower radio and a musical instrument in the same device. It has FM radio where you can enjoy the radio and has Bluetooth speaker to enjoy any sort of music.


  • Available in different color
  • Fully waterproof hi-tech
  • FM radio reception
  • Can be used for any reason


  • Not fully a radio device
  • The volume is not so high to cover noise place

7. Sony SRF-M37W Walkman Digital Tuning

Sony SRF M37W Walkman Digital Weather

We again back with Sony brands but of course with different radio that carries some different sort of quality and hallmark. Well, the name of the particular model is Sony SRF-M37W which is beautifully structured in elegant black color with traditional radio pattern.

Moving to the radio function, like our previous included Sony it has also both AM/AM radio station. There have already 20 preset stations available and you can add more if you want to. In fact, you can also hear your local weather information just by pressing the direct weather button on the radio.

Likewise, the device has 5 direct buttons where you can save your favorite radio station that adds another convenience. Unlike any other radio on our list, this one comes with additional headphone and belt clip that make it unique than others.

Only one issue the radio does not have any suction cup or any other hook for hanging or fitting it. You have to find any flat surface in order to place it. Without this issue this the finest radio which has all features that radio should bear.


  • Both AF/FM station
  • 5 direct button for easy searching
  • Having direct weather button
  • Include headphone and belt clip


  • Not available in different color
  • Not having any hook or suction cup

The thing you need to consider before buying shower radio (buying guide)

Although we have included the best sower radio but there are always some factor remains which a user should consider before layout for shopping. Besides at the beginning, we have assured you that we will add a buying guide that helps you to decide the right one for you. From our research resource, there are generally 4 things you need to consider and those are listed below.

Volume or speaker capacity 

The main considerable factor is the shower radio volume capacity. Since you are looking for shower radio means you want to use it in shower right? So the volume should be high than any other general device. Because at the time of shower the place becomes noise and in case the radio volume is low then it not for any work.

So before buy check out the radio volume capacity and make sure there are volumes up and down feature available.

Waterproof or not 

The second quality which you have to look for at the time of buying is the waterproof protection. If you want a radio just for shower place then the waterproof or water resistance feature is a mandatory requirement. As at the time of the shower there is a possibility your radio got water. And if the device is not waterproof then your device will damage undoubtedly.

Make sure your device waterproof capacity before final selection will help you to avoid unnecessary trouble.


Another important considerable factor is the radio feature. Yes, you have to make sure that your device offers radio station whether it is FM or Am or have both.  Beside is the device having volume button, clock, and clear display, light, digital or analog layout, Bluetooth and many more. We are not saying all these mention features are foremost important. But you have to know how many features your device offers you.

So try to figure out the necessary feature of radio before you buy one.

Installation process 

After sure about the radio waterproof and sound quality and feature then check out the device installation process. There are different sort of radio where one offer stick on the wall or another may offer hang on the shower. If you check out the installation process before your selection then you will get to know is the radio met your shower place design and categories.

Consider that, the radio you choose to buy has that sort of installation process which meets your requirement.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about shower radio

1. Reader question: Which color is best for a shower radio?

Answer:Well, there is not any specific color that is best or worse as a shower radio. It entirely depends on your taste, your shower design, and some more. So don’t be confused because every radio color is good and it up to you which one meets your choice just it.

2. Reader question: How does a shower radio work?

Answer:Most of the shower radio runs with batteries that are absence of AC adapter and headphone jacks in order to avoid accident. Apart from that shower radio work just like other any normal radio the difference is in the feature nothing else.

3. Reader question:Who are the best brands make the finest shower radio?

Answer:We already have included the best brands that made world class shower radio. In spite of that some noteworthy name are Sangean, Sony, iFoxcaretions, Hydro-Beat and few more.

Final words

Hopefully, our listed best shower radio will meet your expectations and provide enough information to help with your next or first buy. Actually, the entire model we have included above is good in feature, function, design and quality. So you can take any of them and we assure you that you will not repent.

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