Top 10 Best Shower Pan On The Market

Best Shower Pan

Without a shower pan or base, a shower place always remains incomplete. Although in the near past people prefer tiles or cement foundation shower pans for their bathroom. But with the invention of the universe now a day shower base comes in different shapes with distinctive material.

With said the demand for the best shower pan or base day by day increasing in a significant way. Consequently, in order to choose the ideal categories shower base, you need much time and of course basic knowledge.

Fortunately, you have come to the right place as we have discussed different shower pan and their basic information. In fact, review a few of them which we have chosen after throughout research.

Bear with us for the overall elaboration.

Our Pick 10 Best Shower Pan in 2022

In order to make the best shower pan or base list, we have spent almost 48 hours and investigate 6 resources. Even if analysis 51 products and compare them with high to low positive and negative reviews and brands reputation. So we are excited to show you our selected list.

Let’s get visualized all of them one by one.

1.DreamLineSlimLine 36 in. Dx 48 in. W x 2 3/4 in (All-rounder)

How to Build a Shower Pan

The main point of any sort of shower pan is its size. Meantime we also start to elaborate our selected model with its size and design. With that said, the manufacturing design the pan with a low profile central drain layout that comes with a distinctive color option.

Although available in different colors the size of all models is remaining the same 48″ W x 36″ D.  The overall product dimension is 36 x 48 x 2.8 inches that can be regarded as a standard size.

It is designed for use on unfinished walls, cement board or that type of surface within three wall alcove shower place.

Likewise, the design and size, the manufacturer used premium quality high-gloss acrylic/ABC that reinforce with fiberglass. The material gives it a glossy and clean polish look that further works against stains attack. Plus, offer slip resistance that keeps you safe and secure.

In addition, this rectangular shower pan is certified by the cUPC which means it meets the standard of American and Canadian codes. Do you want more than anything within any single shower pan?

We called it an all-rounder because its low-profile design can easily match any bathroom layout. Likewise, having the entire needed feature so why not you make a try of it?


  • Available in a different color
  • Premium quality material
  • Totally budget-friendly
  • Certified by  cUPC
  • Low profile design


  • Need professional help for installing it
  • Not included the draining stuff

2. 30 x 30 Shower Base – White(Scratch and stain resistance)

30 x 30 Shower Base

According to our promises the 2nd number model we have selected from different brands namely Bestbath. It is another best shower base that having fantastic property and design. Yes, the particular model is throughout furnished with elegant white color coating.

It has no color option and appeared in only one square shape Similar to the DreamLine its drain also place in the middle section. But unlike the DreamLine it is small in size whereas the full product dimension is 30 x 30 x 6 inches.

However, for the material, the creator used fiberglass/ gel coats that are very high-quality components. The construction keeps the device free from scratch and prevents strain raids.

And for extra durability, there is included the latest technical specification PDF sheet. All the material makes the model super durable and adds easy maintenance facilities.

Meantime this model also requires a 3-wall alcove for installing and demands a medium price that is somewhat more than our mention 1st product.

Every product we have included in the list has some specialty. And this is for those who are looking for a fiberglass shower pan within a medium price range.


  • Provide a safe shower experience
  • Flight against scratch and stain
  • Classic white color coating
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Easy to install


  • There is no other color option
  • Not so inexpensive

3. Kohler K-9026-47 Purist Shower Receptor (Most expensive)

Kohler Shower Receptor

The next type of shower is the most expensive choice on our list. We have caught this from unconditionally popular brands that are notorious for making expensive shower pans. It is a Kohler shower base and just like the price tag big in size and feature.

Apparently, the overall dimension of the product is 50.4 x 38.5 x 9.4 inches that is much precious than DreamLineSlimLine 36 and Best bath 30 x 30.

Well, starting with the design of the product it will take your heart, at first sight, no doubt. It is built in the low-threshold diagram that comes in a large section of the color offer. All those are excellent to behold no matter which one you have chosen.

By the way, the manufacturer makes the design of low-threshold with the intention of giving the user ultimate safety. Once more the unique cast iron material makes it slip resistance and ensure further safety.

Moreover, the material is hard and durable and also has stains and scratch-resistant capacity. Even well as a center drain that allows users for drop-in and tile-in installation.

Who never wanted to make a compromise in their home decor and product quality? This Kohler base reviews if for those consumers.


  • The larger section of the color option
  • Having slip, satins and scratch-resistant quality
  • Luxury design
  • Offer easy maintenance
  • Give excellent shower experience


  • Much expensive
  • Need professional help for installing

4. DreamLineSlimLine 36 in. Dx 60 in. W x 2 3/4 in (Best Fit)

H Center Drain Single Threshold Shower Base

We can’t resist our self for listing another Dreamline acrylic shower base and there is obviously some reason behind it. Although we have already included DreamLineSlimLine 36 in D x 48 in this one has some exclusive landmarks.

Whereas DreamLineSlimLine 36 in D x 48, is designed only for center drain patterns. But this one offers you to choose among central, right and left drain bases according to your ease. Even if we have presented the white one but there are other colors as well.

However, this Dreamline shower base constructed with 60″ W x 36″ D and the full product dimension is 36 x 60 x 2.8 inches.

Now at the point of the material, it bears an Acrylic capped ABS substance that is a strain and slip-resistant material. In fact, included fiberglass reinforcement for extreme durability and maintaining super quality.

Two things are common between our included Dreamline shower base reviews. There are both certified by cUPC and install in 3-Wall Alcove.

Dreamline is a top-rated brand in the shower base manufacturer world because of its diverse collection. Consequently, this one for those who have wanted a big size model along with different drain options.


  • Included a few colors
  • Different drain base option
  • Heavy-duty structure
  • Large in size
  • Slip and stain resistance material


  • Professional help needed to install
  • Not ideal for a small place

5. Swanstone R-3454-010 Veritek (Best fit)

Swanstone Veritek Center Drain Shower Base

The 5th number pan we have taken from brands namely Swanstone that bear exclusive feature than our rest our above mention 4 models. Although feature with center drain layout but having multiple sizes and few color options. Here we have presented the white one but you can take it according to your test.

Like the color, we have selected the 60 x 40 x 10 inches model but they have much verities size option available. That’s why we called it a best fit model cause no matter what your shower place size you can get as per your place size.

Forwarding to the material details, the manufacturer used the Veritek components for their main basement.

The material is solely responsible to prevent the chip and Clark and give the base clean smooth surface. In fact, add more durability and having slip resistance quality.

Not only that even prevents grow up of unwanted mold and mildew that saves you from the extra cleaning processand adds easy maintenance facilities.

Many people looking for ideal swan stone shower base because of its diverse size option. In case the particular one would be a great choice. You can make a try if you were sure about your exact shower place size.


  • Prevent mold and mildew grow up
  • Maximum size option
  • Medium price tag
  • Resistance to chipping and clerking
  • Effortless cleaning


  • There is not any disadvantage founded since it is a new product

6. Tile Redi 3772C-PVC Single Curb Shower Pan (Ideal for tile)

PVC Single Curb Shower Pan

6th number product is again an expensive range model which we have collected from popular brands known as Tile Redi USA. It is a structure with a one-piece pattern that is appeared in one single size and single color which is the best shower pan for tile.

Well, the color of the selected model is elegant black that comes in square space. The overall product dimensions are 37 x 72 x 6.5 inch which is measured as 37-Inches D x 72-Inches W x 6.50-Inches H, 37-Inch.

The noticeable thing is it is pre-pitch shower pan that comes in the integrated curb, splash walls and 2 inches PVC drain.

Besides, easy to install that are ready just out of the box. Once more it is totally leaked free pan (leak proof) so it’s worth the price in those ways.

Moreover, the manufacturer includes free RediPoxy epoxy and round adjustable polished chrome drain plate as a gift.

If you want something solid and ultimate long-lasting pan then can surely take a close look at the particular model. Although it is a bit expensive but the overall function really worth the price tag.


  • Perfect for tile ground
  • No tension of any leaking
  • Included additional epoxy and drain
  • One-piece design
  • Standard in size


  • No color option
  • Not having slip and strain resistance component

7. DreamLineSlimLine 36 in. Dx 36 in. W x 2 3/4 in (Most inexpensive)

DreamLineSlimLine 36 in. D x 36 in. W x 2 3

After introducing the expensive model we take out step to the most inexpensive shower pan on our list. Consequently, this pan is again from DreamLine brands that are quite different from the previous two as we have included above.

With said, it is neo-angle wall corner shower base which is design to fit directly to an unfinished wall, prior backerborad, cement board and those sort of surface or ground.

Our selected one is white in color but you can choose between white, black or biscuit color coatings as per your shower architect. The full product dimensions are 36 x 36 x 2.8 inches which are measured as 36″ W x 36″ D.

In case of material, similar to the previous two models this one also constructed with Acrylic capped ABS substance. The component prevents scratch and satin invasion and having slip-resistance texture.

Once more the shower base is certified by cUPC so no doubt meets the stander quality.

Who are looking for a quality product but is in the tight budget this one is the perfect choice for those. In fact,is unique in design that can easily meet any modern bathroom layout.


  • Unique design
  • Inexpensive in price
  • Few color option
  • Certified by cUPC
  • Ready to use out from the box


  • Need a professional plumber for full setup
  • The drain is not include

8. Kohler K-1977-0 Tresham Shower Receptor (Built with seat)

Kohler Tresham Shower Receptor

Like Dreamline we again back with kohler shower base and of course with a different model that has individual design and feature. Yes Kohler K-1977 is exclusively outlined with side seat that is itself a new creation and feature.

The base appeared in a clean white color that does not offer any other color to choose from. It is a low threshold design base in which the drain is located at the left side of the base.

The full product dimensions are 60-Inch Length, 32-Inch Width, 6-1/4-Inch Height which nor too large neither too small means ideal in size.

A noticeable feature of the model is its additional seat for which it is actually able to make a position on this list. This seat not only adds beauty rather add convenience for the user who is unable to stand for long hour.

The only issue the price is high to the contrary of the feature but as Kohler always offer expensive option and never compromise in the quality so can expect great quality.

In order to acknowledge you with different sort of shower bases, we have included this one. Apparently, this is not a conventional design and can take for a special reason or for an innovative idea.


  • Identical pattern shower base
  • Ideal in size
  • Additional seat benefits
  • Allow installing into three walls alcove
  • Low threshold structure


  • Price is high
  • No color and additional details include

9. American Standard 6034ST.020 Single Threshold

American Standard 6034ST.020 Single Threshold

The list of any bathroom body seems to remain incomplete without the name of the brands American Standard. Consequently, the 9th number model we have taken from them that is another expensive and quality product on our list.

On the point of the design, it is a single threshold design that is available in a few color options. We have taken the white one but you can take between white, linen and bone as per your shower color or design. The product dimension is 38.5 x 60.1 x 34.1 inches.

Moving to the material, the manufacturer used Acrylic and Fiberglass reinforcement that given is the finest texture. Even prevent flange and integral water consumption.

Apart from that, the shower base also bears stain and slip resistance components and maintaining USA quality.

In addition, the model comes with a stainless steel drain that the manufacturer adds as a special gift for their customer.

Those who are a fan of American standard brands can undoubtedly make a try of it. As exclusive and quality products cannot get in low price range, right?


  • Fantastic clean surface
  • One piece of design
  • Color option available
  • Including stainless steel drain
  • Integral water retention


  • Bit pricy

10. Tile Redi USA P3048L-PVC-13×6-4.5-4.5 Redi Base (All in one)

Redi Base Single Curb Shower Pan

For the last number shower pan, we repeated the brands namely Tile Redi USA. It is known as all one base because of its multiple exceptional qualities and of course features. With that said, the particular model comes with traditional color and size option.

It appeared in polish chrome, brushed nickel, tileable grate color coating along with distinctive size. The size starts from 48″ W x 30″ D and ends in 48″ W x 48″ D. By the way our selected one is 48″ W x 30″ D in size.

Whereas the full product dimension measures 30 x 48 x 5.8 inches that build in a rectangular shape. And the drain is placed on the left corner of the device that is included with the product.

Speaking of the material details, it is built with Polyurethane substance. The material that keeps the base free from leaking issues means bear 100% waterproof substance. Once more it is a pre-pitch shower pan which having integrated curb and splashes walls.

Lastly, it is a pan that is ready to use just out of the box. However, the manufacturer not only includes the PVC drain with the model. Even more included, one 6ib, Redi proxy epoxy for adding extra convenience.

This shower pan is neither too expensive or nor too inexpensive means a medium-range product. You place it on the last place does not mean it less in quality, in reality; it is a top-rated product which maximum homeowner is aware of.


  • All in one shower head
  • Multiple size option
  • Fully waterproof
  • Includes need accessories
  • Budget-friendly


  • It is made of soft plastic
  • Need professional plumber help for installing

The Thing You Need To Consider Before Buying A Shower Pan Or Base

You have already got the list of top 10 best shower pan list at the overhead discussion. In this stage, according to our promises, we will now elaborate on the basic information about a certain subject. Besides, we will tell you the main considerable factor which you should not avoid at the time of your shower base shopping.

Size of Shower Pan 

The first and most important consideration factor you must have to consider about the shower pan is its size. Since the size destined the overall picture of your shower place. Meanwhile, you just need to measure your shower place size before you decided to buy a shower pan.

If the shower pan and shower place size does not match then you will fall in a big loss. As you can cut or readjust the shower pan of the shower place as both of them are not possible in many aspects.

Shower Pan Material Comparison

Similar to the size, the material is another important aspect of every shower base that you need to consider before the final approach. Because different shower pan is made of different material and allows you to set or place it in distinctive ground or surface.

For example, you need a shower pan for fitting it on tiles ground but without knowing your shower pan material you have brought the wrong one. This means the shower pan material you have brought does not allow to fit on tiles ground.

So what happens then? You will face loss or troublesome right? So it is wise to talk to the seller or finds out the material of the device before you will select your final one.

Installation Process 

The next consideration factor of the shower base is it installing process. Whereas you might already get to know, the maximum shower base installation process needs professional help. In spite of that, you need to find out the actual instruction that is given or seal by the manufacturer.

Yes, try to contact the seller, read the full product description and then buy one. So that you will understand how you will operate with the installation process. Or do you need the professional plumber’s help or not.

The Design of the Pan

By the design, we mean the pan shape, color, size, installation, shape and more aspects. Design is not a single word in the case of a shower pan section. Even more, the design will determine how your overall shower or bathroom looks like.

So before layout for your shopping, you need to consider the design of your device is the essential considerable factor.  If you fail to do so then there is a possibility your whole architect design got discriminated against?


The durability of any product is another considerable factor you should think about. You are not going to replace or redecorate your shower or bathroom area every year or then, right? So you need to find out the durability of your selected device.

In case, you can check the product, warranty, guaranty and other that sort of aspect to sure about the pan maximum longevity.


No matter which product you are going to buy as in every circumstance you need to set an ideal budget. Likewise, no variation lies in the matter of pan choice or buy. You should always consider your ability then go for execution.

So evaluating the price is another considerable factor you need to think about before your final approach.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Shower Base or Pan

  • What’s The Most Used Material Of Shower Pan?

Answer: Although different brands prefer different materials there is some material that is so common in maximum brands. They are known as fiberglass, acrylic, ceramic, steel, and a few more.

  • The Top Brand that Made World-Class Shower Base or Pan?

Answer: Our listed all brands are top-rated and well-recognized brands name in the world of shower pan manufacturers. In spite of that, DreamLine, Kohler, Tile Redi USA is most familiar.

  • How To Maintain or Clean A Shower Pan?

Answer: Well, to perfectly maintain your shower pan or base you need to read the product details carefully. Because maintaining the device somehow depends on the product material.

Generally, you can use a soft cleaner that is free from a chemical or hard substance. Plus can use a soft cotton cloth or soft sponge along with soapy water for cleaning it properly with a non-abrasive cleaner.

  • What Actually a Single Threshold Shower Pan is?

Answer:  The single threshold is basically constructed in a single structure and install in shower alcoves. Whereas the double threshold is a corner shower pan that is ideal for tile ground.

  • What is cUPC Certification?

Answer:  The full form of cUPC is a Canadian uniform plumbing code which is design by American and Canadian national standers respectively. It ensures the average people right in case of plumbing product purchasing. If any bathroom accessories get this certificate that means it is safe in use and meets the proper standard.

Final words

Lastly, the best shower pan can change the overall decoration or your bathroom no doubt. In case you just need to select the appropriate one for you. And we hope you might already found out your exact match from above mention finest shower pan.

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